Excuse My Bitch

Something’s been bothering me for a while now, and I really feel the need to get it off my chest. For weeks, maybe even a couple of months, I’ve felt so ignored, (and it doesn’t help the fact that I’ve been in a depression for weeks on end that I’m thankfully finally coming out of).

I don’t know what it is about myself that elicits being ignored, but it’s obviously there. Friends will text me, and when I answer back I get no response. Even private messaging on social media gets no results from friends or family members (I’m looking at you mother).

I understand that people are busy with their lives, what with kids/jobs/responsibilities and such. But is it really that hard to write back a one word answer? Preferably within the same day, and not leave it until I either call you out on it, or decide to just let it slide yet again? I really don’t think so. I know I’m not perfect, I’ve let someone’s text slide and not answer back, but generally it’s because I don’t think it needs a response. Not for an out right question!

I find it not only incredibly, and painfully rude, but hurtful. There’s no reason for it. No excuses.

I am so, so done.


Twilight Tuesday

I am thoroughly disappointed in Twi-Whore and myself. We have to be the worst Twi-Fans ever!

January 10th is the last day Twi-Whore and I saw New Moon in the theater. Since then we had been impatiently waiting for last Saturday to come. We could have been bad and downloaded the movie, or even watched it online now and again, but we decided to revirginize ourselves for both New Moon and Twilight until March 20th.

Friday night at midnight I went to Walmart, stood in the massive line, and bought my movie, even though I had to wait till the next afternoon/evening to watch it with Twi-Whore. I’m a good friend like that.

We decided that we would watch at her house seeing as she has a larger tv. (Quite a bit larger I would say.)

So our night went like this.

  • Get to Twi-Whore’s and unload food and drinks, set Jasper up somewhere comfy so he can watch the movies with us
  • Pop in Secretary, which really doesn’t have anything to do with Twilight other than it’s along the same theme of some of the fics we’ve been reading lately
  • Jasper quite liked Secretary and decided he wants to practice some of the things on Alice
  • Head upstairs to make some dinner, and get cheesecake ready. Pop in Twilight
  • Jasper was upset he wasn’t in Twilight very much but thought his hair and wardrobe was much, much better than New Moon
  • Twi-Whore is falling asleep, so she has a quick nap and I read a couple chapters of updated fics
  • Jasper and I wake Twi-Whore up, we go make popcorn and get shots ready for New Moon. Every time we see a shirtless boy we drink (shots are gone within the first hour)
  • Squee at Remember Me trailer, and opening sequence
  • We get interrupted before Charlie even gets a chance to wish me Bella a happy birthday
  • Finally we get to watch again
  • Jasper is horrified by what he tries to do at my Bella’s birthday, but we calm him down
  • Both Twi-Whore and myself are having a hard time staying awake. This is where we become the worst Twi-Fans ever!

It’s dark, both of us are laying down watching. I was up early and she only had 4 hours of sleep after working a night shift. It was 11:00 and Jacob had just burst into her bedroom to get her to remember about the wolves. Twi-Whore and I were both falling asleep!

The horror!

So we decided to play just the head. We turned it off and watched the rest of it in the morning, having minutes to spare before we had to leave to go see Alice in Wonderland. Afterwards I thought it might be a good idea to watch the whole thing in one viewing and sat down and watched it that evening by myself, while texting Twi-Whore as she watched at her house as well.

Really though, after seeing it 6 times in the theater, it’s not like we didn’t know what was going to happen. Right?

Twilight Tuesday

There’s a time and place for everything, and I believe it’s called ‘fan fiction’. — Joss Whedon

Ever since I was introduced to the wonderful world of fan fiction almost a year ago, via Wide Awake, I’ve become a bit obsessed with it. I’ve read more fic’s than books during that time, and lately it’s gotten worse. Since August the only books I’ve read have been the Twilight series, and during that I’ve probably read about 5 fic’s! I’m currently trying to read a non-Twi book, and am seriously doing a poor job. And at the moment I have about 4 other fic’s on the go right now, that are waiting for updates.

I even got Twi-Whore to start obsessing over Fan Fiction too. She, however, can read them while out on her Blackberry, while I have to wait for a convenient, husband free, few hours on my laptop. Lucky bitch. She tends to read mostly while at work it seems, and sends me the funniest texts at night while she’s working. Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find as many as 6 texts, all pertaining to Twilight and fan fic’s!

I’ve just finished Tropic of Virgo last week, and have started the sequel, Tropic of Gemini. I’m also currently reading Daedalus in Exile, Emancipation proclamation, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, and am wanting to start Small Town Gossip. I never understood how people could read more than one book at the same time, but now I do.

I think some of the draw to Fan Fiction is not so much the characters, and that they’re from Twilight, but the writing it’s self. There are some fantastic authors out there who could make a very good living off of their writing. The lemons help though. Just saying. There’s nothing like a good lemony crack-fic. And the dirtier the better.

So while I sit here reading my fic’s and waiting not so patiently for my many updates, I more than likely will ignore the overwhelmingly, overflowing pile of books on my book shelf. C’est la vie.