Twilight Tuesday

Sometimes I wonder what started it all, and of course it was the books that started the obsession, it was always the books. But then I sit and think to myself, how and when did this all happen? So here’s a vague timeline of how my love of the Twilight books turned into an obsession, fun as it may be, and how Twi-Whore and I bonded over our mutual love of Twilight.

Sometime between March-October 2008: I get into reading, a lot. Twi-Whore (then known as Cousin) and I see each other once a month for an appointment, and book swap. I start searching for books online. I stumble upon a book called Twilight. Think it sounds interesting, but then see it’s about Vampires. I think, really?

November 26 2008: Cousin comes home from trip to England with a set of books she wants me to read. Twilight hey? I suppose I could try it if I don’t have to buy them.

November 27 2008: I read Twilight all day and finish it. Cousin and I go see The Duchess, while I talk non-stop about Twilight and how I’m not sure if I like it. I’m not even sure I want to read the next one. We decide to go see Twilight after the Duchess, so I can get the full effect. Her obsession is already starting to grow, mainly with RPattz. I don’t think he’s that great but oh well. I think the movie was awful and the directing, acting, and special effects were all horrible. Still not sure I want to read the second book.

November 30 – December 6 2008: I decide to start New Moon. I think why not? I’ve already read one, I might as well start the other one. If I hate it I’ll just stop reading. What was I thinking? I love it! I become so mad at Edward and hate him. I love Jacob! And OME he’s a werewolf! I seriously can’t get enough. I go to work and have withdrawals. I don’t clean my house, I don’t cook, I can’t do anything but read.

December ? 2008: Cousin still hasn’t bought the last or read the third book, and I’m itching to get them! While talking with downstairs neighbour I notice she has them and is only on the first book. I hint not so subtly to borrow the third, Eclipse. I get it! All is right with the world and I love downstairs neighbour. I devour Eclipse within little under a week. Edward is back, Jacob wants Bella for himself, and I still hate Edward. It’s all good. Still no cleaning, cooking, or anything but reading. Still withdrawals when at work.

Later on in December but before Christmas: Eclipse is finished. I’m so in love with Jacob and still hate Edward. Bella makes me mad. I again not so subtly hint at borrowing Breaking Dawn from downstairs neighbour, then full-out ask. I read all one million and some pages. I find I do love Edward. I still love Jacob more, even though it’s creepy beyond words that he “imprinted” on a baby. Series is done. I am sad. Start having withdrawals. Decide I’m going to buy books so I can read again.

Boxing Day December 26 2008: Get wind of sale at Zellers. Go first thing to get books half price. Zellers only has the Twilight and Eclipse. I buy them. Go to Walmart. Only Breaking Dawn. Buy it. I wonder why New Moon is nowhere to be found. Finally go to Chapters. Find New Moon! My collection is complete, and I only spend $30-ish.

Beginning of January 2009: A friend gets wind that I love Twilight. She sends me a link to a story with a dirty Edward. Hmm. I save it.

January 10 2009: I remember the date because It was 4 days before seeing Twilight again. I decide to start story with dirty Edward. OME! I love it! It has all the characters from Twilight, but it’s a different story. Who would think to do that? A genius that’s who! Story is called Wide Awake. Can’t. Stop. Reading. There’s only about 36-38 chapters.

January 14 2009: Go with sister-in-law to see Twilight. It’s her first time and my second. I liked it better the second time, and squee when Jacob comes on-screen. I love Taylor Lautner. My obsession has started.

Mid to late January: Unicorns! I need more Unicorns! Where is the rest of the story?! It only updates once a week? That sucks. Are there other stories out there like this? There are?! It’s called fan fiction? I need to tell Cousin about this! I send her the link and she starts reading, thus dragging her down the rabbit hole with me. Oh and did I mention Unicorns?!

February ? 2009: I start searching for more fan fiction. Nothing great but a few promising stories. I find one called Creature of Habit. It’s good. Twilight comes out on DVD next month! Squee!

February 28 2009: Cousin goes to Great Falls and buys us Twilight t-shirts.

March ? 2009: Withdrawals are so bad, I decide to start reading Twilight again. This time I like it! I read it fast and start New Moon. I love Jacob even more than I thought possible.

March 11 2009: At work. I hold Twilight in my hands. I silently squee to myself.

March 14 2009: Take Twilight home from work. Squee the whole night!

March 15 2009: Cousin, now Twi-Whore, comes over to watch Twilight. She brings cookies, and we name them, Double Raspberry Walnut My Boyfriend Is So Fucking Skilled That He Got Me Off Through My Jeans With One Hand Cherry Chocolate Chip Delights, in honor of Wide Awake. We wear our Twilight t-shirts and squee some more.

March 16 – 17? 2009: Start Eclipse while on bed rest from kidney stones. Not fun, but Twilight helps.

March 19 2009: I go to sister-in-laws to watch Twilight again.

March 21 2009: Go first thing in the morning to store and buy copy of Twilight DVD. I have my very own! Squee!

End of March Beginning of April 2009: Read Breaking Dawn again. Oh the feathers! Move into new house and find a home for all my books. Twilight series is at the front.

May 2009: I start a blog. Just life, and photography.

May 31 2009: MTV Movie Awards shows exclusive trailer for New Moon. I watch at the edge of my seat. When Jacob transforms into a wolf I scream out loud! Phone Twi-Whore to squee at her.

June 2009: I figure if Twilight is good then Stephenie Meyer’s other book, The Host, should be good. I’m not wrong.

July 21 2009: My first post about my Twi-Obsession. I start to filter Twilight into the blog.

Summer 2009: The pictures start. I catch sight of some pictures RPattz does for some magazine. He’s hot! Who knew? Twi-Whore. That’s who. She’s happy I’m finally on the RPattz bandwagon even though it means she has to share him with me. I find some new fics that are fantastic and delve even deeper into the world of Twilight fan fiction. Wide Awake starts updating more frequently and has the promise of an ending in the near future. Little do we know.

Mid August 2009: I make husband watch Twilight with me as a stipulation for going camping. He’s not a happy camper but agrees.

August 18 2009: Twilight Tuesday was born. Dedicated to none other than RPattz himself.

End of August 2009: I find the fabulous blog Twitarded. I stalk it daily while nearly peeing myself laughing about the things they say. By this point Twilight has taken over my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe Twilight.

September ? 2009: I start reading Twilight again. Husband thinks I’m crazy.

September 12 2009: I make myself a Unicorn shirt at a kiosk. Twi-Whore and I are at another cousin’s for my birthday. The new New Moon trailer has been leaked online. We search for what seems like hours to find it on her Blackberry. Finally we strike gold! We run up to a bedroom so no one will see us squee. We almost pee ourselves from excitement and Twi-Whore cries! One of the best birthday gifts ever!

October 3 2009: It was a sad day in my Twi-world. But also very exciting. Sad because Twi-Whore wasn’t there for a very important Twi moment. And exciting because I finally got our tickets to see New Moon! Double squee!

October 12 2009: Twi-Whore is home from trip. Brings me a calendar of RPattz! Makes up for not being there for New Moon tickets.

Mid October 2009: I read New Moon, and bring it with me to BC when I visit my mom. Sadly I finish it the day I get there and haven’t brought Eclipse. I’m going through withdrawals again. When I get home I dive head first into Eclipse and finish within a week again.

October 30 2009: It’s Halloween! Guess what I’m dressed up as? A Unicorn!

November 1 2009: I’m sick. I start Breaking Dawn and read like there’s no tomorrow.

Begining of November to December 2009: Twilight fanfiction has officially taken over my reading life.

November 3 2009: Buy Team Jacob shirt.

November 7 2009: Twi-Whore and I celebrate the upcoming release of New Moon with a party. Decorations, food and viewings all with the theme of Twilight. We watch The Haunted Airman and I still have no idea what it was about.

Sometime before the release of New Moon: I finish Breaking Dawn again. I find I’m not as satisfied with the ending as I was the first two times.

November 21 2009: Twi-Whore and I finally go see New Moon. Twice. I stand in line for two hours to be 3rd in line. We get awesome seats and hold and squeeze each others hands through the whole movie. We squee, we laugh, we almost cry. Then we do it all again 3 hours later. Two showings in one day. Definitely worth it!

November 29 2009: Saw New Moon for the third time with a friend and her daughter. Couldn’t squee out loud cause they would have thought I was crazier than they already did. Was weird not to see it with Twi-Whore. I felt like I was cheating on her.

November 30 2009: Saw New Moon for the fourth time. This time with Twi-Whore. Much better. We giggled through the whole thing, quoting word for word. It was the last time in the big theater.

December 1 2009: Twi-Whore and I start the revirginizing process for Eclipse.

Begining to Mid-December 2009: Move over RPattz. Forget about Taycob. I want Jacksper! Jackson Rathbone becomes my newest obsession. I find How To Be on the movie shelf and grab it! Twi-Whore comes to watch it. “I’ve got an erection” instantly becomes our favourite quote.

December 15-20 2009: I finally get past all the fanfics to read a real book. It was hard but I did it!

Christmas 2009: I have the best husband ever. He bought me not only Twi-Porn, but a plethora of Twilight related things.

December 26 2009: Wide Awake finally finishes. I find I’m somewhat disappointed.

December 27 2009: Sister-In-Law is visiting and wants to see New Moon. I drag Twi-Whore along and we squee to each other while we watch. This makes viewing #5. Sister-In-Law may have been slightly annoyed.

January 5 2010: I find out that I have will power and avoid reading the leaked Eclipse script. It was touch and go for a good 15 mins. Twi-Whore got me through it.

January 9 2010: It’s Twi-Whore’s birthday and that calls for a special gift.

January 10 2010: Twi-Whore and I go see New Moon again for the 6th and final time in the theater. We giggle and talk throughout the movie. I fear we will be asked to leave. We weren’t.

January 26 2010: Little Ashes is on DVD. Twi-Whore comes over and we squee and laugh till nearly peeing over his hair and ruffles in the beginning. Turns out, it’s not such a bad film.

Mid January-February: I bring up the idea of going to Forks. Twi-Whore is in! We’re thinking sometime around August-September.

That about brings us up to date. It’s been a crazy journey so far, but has been a blast! Here’s to another year filled with RPattz, Jackson, and all Twilight related things. Cheers!


Twilight Tuesday

First of all, can I just say I have the best husband in the world? I think I really do. He puts up with my squeeing over the silliest Twi-related things, doesn’t say much when I plan on seeing New Moon for the umpteenth time, and leaves the house willingly for the night when Twi-Whore and I plan a Twilight night. On top of all those reasons is the icing on the cake. He bought me a bunch of Twilight things for Christmas.

I’ve been wanting the New Moon band aids for months now, and also some Twilight socks. 

He also bought me the Luna Twilight lipglosses that I wanted. Both of them. One in ’53 Chevy and the other in Myth.
On top of all that, he bought me the best of all, Twilight porn! The Real Boys of Twilight magazine! It’s full of jaw and finger porn, lots of juicy pictures of RPattz, Jacksper and Taycob! Plus all of the other boys.

So I’ll just take this time to say again that I have the best husband ever, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas even if RPattz didn’t come floating down your chimney riding on a shiny white unicorn.

Twilight Tuesday

Amazing isn’t even the right word for it. Beyond amazing doesn’t describe it well enough either. Saturday I spent the afternoon and evening watching New Moon. Twi-Whore and myself decided that we were brave enough to throw ourselves amongst the throngs of screaming fangirls and tweens to see New Moon twice in one day, because just once wouldn’t suffice. Our first showing was at 4:00 and I got there at 1:30 expecting to need to walk around the mall for a bit before getting in line. Boy was I wrong! A line had already formed and was only 4 people long, but join them I did! It didn’t take long for it to grow either. While in line I read a chapter of Tropic of Virgo, and listened to my iPod to pass the time. Twi-Whore showed up not long after and we waited for another hour before they let us in.

The squeeing began when the previews rolled, then subdued a bit (for us anyways). And when we were cockblocked with an extra preview I almost got mad till I realised it was for Remember Me! We squeed so loud and nearly hyperventilated, and the ladies next to us gave us the stink eye. Finally it started. Twi-Whore and I held hands through probably 3/4 of the movie, just because we were so excited! It was ridiculous and silly and my hand cramped and she cut the circulation off of my fingers, and I made her ring gouge her thumb, but we were just so crazed. 

I can’t say enough good things about the movie. The effects, the acting, the direction, the screen play. They were all amazing, and put together with the cast, I just don’t have words to describe it. We got to see Jasper and Emmett a bit more this time which was so nice ’cause I heart them hard, and Charlie. I loved Charlie in this! Billy Burke was exceptional! His parts were funny and touching and just all around great.

I’m so glad we didn’t see Stutter Bella this time, and Smell the Fart Rob. Taylor was exceptional, and played his role extremely well. I walked in expecting to leave feeling extremely angry with Edward but surprisingly wasn’t. It ended up being Bella I was mad at, for hurting Jacob so badly. And can I just say I loved the cliff hanger ending? We all know what happens in the end anyways, and if you haven’t read the books shame on you you deserve to not know how it turns out till you see Eclipse.

After the first movie ended we went for dinner at Pita Pit, and the guy working made fun of us a bit for going twice and tried to rub it in that he went the night before. Whatever, I’m a good Twi-friend and waited. That says a lot about me, I think. After dinner we went back to the mall and were going to browse for a bit, but I had a feeling there would be a line up so we headed back to the theater thankfully to stand in line. I was right, there was already a huge line forming, with about 30 or so people ahead of us. So we stood there for another 2 1/2 hours. The line ended up forming a huge loop around the inside of the mall, and we later learned it had sold out. We didn’t hold hands that time but were still just as excited to see it start (and for the Remember Me trailer). All in all we had a great day! And the effect of seeing it twice in the same day was a definite plus! We caught things we had missed the first time, and were able to absorb more without judgement. I can’t wait to see it for a third time, and a fourth, and a fifth….

Twilight Tuesday

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but I’m fairly certain it was after I read most of Wide Awake. You see, I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend. I’ve fallen for another man, and his name is Edward.

When I first read Twilight, I didn’t care for it, or Edward. I figured I would read the second book just to see what was going to happen. It was all down hill from there as far as my Twi-session was concerned. But I found myself falling for Jacob and not Edward, like everyone else seemed to be doing. Don’t get me wrong. I never wanted Jacob to be with Bella, oh no! I always wanted her to end up with Edward, they just seemed to fit better.

But poor Jacob. He tried so hard, and would have been so good to her. I couldn’t help but to not fall in love with him. And Edward is just too controlled for my liking. It would have been nice if he’d just let go at least once.

Then someone introduced me to a little fic called Wide Awake, (and if you haven’t read it go right now and do so!) and that Edward was my downfall. He’s rude, dirty, has a foul mouth, and he’s dark and brooding. Everything that Twilight Edward wasn’t.

After I fell for him, I started to get more and more obsessed with Twilight and it’s affiliates. That’s when the pictures started. And let me tell you, I never thought Rpattz was that hot before. But damn! The pictures! His eyes and those lips. My God! That’s how I started cheating on my boyfriend Jacob.

There’s more than enough of me to go around though for both of them. I just hope that Jacob knows that no matter what I’ll always be his. (I’ll always be yours too Rpattz. Just don’t tell Jacob!)


Things I Love Monday

  • Guitar Hero 5. I think this is by far one of the best Guitar Hero games out there! The track list is amazing, and the downloadable contest is fantastic!
  • My new iPod! When I first got it on Thursday I wanted to throw it out the window, cause it was so frustrating. After I figured it out though, I absolutely love it! I have over 400 songs on it and a ton of pictures of certain people from a certain movie that will remain nameless. 😉
  • Cold weather. And rain! Yesterday it was a nice rainy fall day. Oh how I miss the cool air! I’ve been so looking forward to the start of fall and we haven’t yet had a good taste of it.
  • Sweaters and hoodies, long jeans with boots, plaid, and sweater dresses.
  • My fauxhawk. I started wearing my hair in a fauxhawk and after playing around for a while I loved it! It’s very emo, and totally different from anything I would normally ever do.