Hello Gorgeous!

Bacon. The candy of meats, I may have a huge tiny obsession. When I was in Seattle I went to Archie McPhee’s and bought bacon mints and toothpaste. They were really quite gross to be honest. I figured it’s mostly because it’s simulated bacon flavour, and not real bacon delicousness.

For years now I’ve been dying to try chocolate covered bacon. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I think it sounds crazy good. I’ve tried candied bacon and it was amazing. You really can’t go wrong with bacon and something sweet. It’s like dipping your bacon in syrup. Pure win!

So when I came across this recipe from NPR, I jumped at the chance to try bacon in cupcakes. I mean what’s not to like? Bacon, good. Cupcakes, good. Maple, good. Bacon maple cupcakes, gooood!

The cake itself is a strange texture in my opinion, for a cake. It’s almost like a muffin in texture, but the sweet and salty combination are such a nice change from a regular cupcake. I cut my bacon up fairly small but left it still a tiny bit chunky so you could really get a good bite of it in the cake. There’s also a lot of perfume from the bacon infused into the cake and it really adds to the whole experience.

The maple cream cheese frosting is good as well, but it’s quite sweet. I added the whole 6 cups of icing sugar that it called for but It was very dense, and I had to thin it out quite a bit before it was spreadable. I would have gone with maybe 4 cups, which would have also cut back on the sweetness.

Over all it’s a good recipe, and I’d make it again with a few tweaks. Afterall, you really can’t go wrong with bacon.


Dorks In Forks Part Deux

Continuing on to Seattle.

  • The drive to Seattle is shorter than I expected it to be. We stop at North something mall and I pick up some stuff for Steve but that’s about it.
  • Archie McPhee’s is awesome! So many things to look at and I want to buy everything.
  • I end up buying bacon, pickle, and cupcake toothpaste, bacon mints, a bacon air freshener, ranch mints for Melissa, a potato gun and bullet mints for Tyler, Monkey band aids for Shayla, and eggnog gum for Steve.
  • The bacon mints and toothpaste are disgusting. Surprisingly the pickle toothpaste is not bad, and the cupcake one tastes yummy.
  • After checking in at the hotel we walk up to the 5 Point Cafe. Steak sandwich is super yummy.
  • Instead of turning on the jets for the hot tub, I pressed the alarm button. Alarm goes off for at least five minutes as a cleaning lady helps us try to turn it off. Not a good start to the last leg of our trip.
  • The toilet in our room scares me. Every. Single. Time. It takes me until the last day of our trip for it to not scare me when I flush.
  • I try to outwit toilet by flushing fast. No use. It’s smarter than me and does nothing. I flush slowly and it scares me again. Damn toilet.
  • It’s so nice to be somewhere that people aren’t asking you if you’re there for Twilight.
  • Wednesday we go to Bellevue to meet my friend Ben. Finding his building was easier than we thought it would be even though we took a wrong turn.
  • Lunch was delicious and so nice. Ben gave us sort of directions to Kurt Cobain’s memorial bench. They looked easy.
  • Stop at the arboretum on the way and go for a walk. Absolutely beautiful!
  • Back on the way to the bench. Directions were not easy. We get lost three times. Back to Bellevue, to Kirkland and another try to Mercer Island. How we got there, I have no idea.
  • Finally find bench after an hour, by chance. It’s really cool and I take a ton of pics.
  • We get lost for yet another hour trying to find our way back and finally stop to ask for directions.
  • Then we get lost in Seattle.
  • Finally we find our hotel and a grocery store.
  • Twi-Whore and I are so tired and tense so we head to the hot tub to relax. We totally get cat called on our way through the lobby. The guy yells “Yeah!” and bounces in his seat clapping. We’ve still got it. We giggle and make a mad dash for the room.
  • St. Patrick’s Day we head to Pike Place Market.
  • For the second time in a week, I’m told I look like Liza Minelli. What. The. Fuck?
  • We go down to the waterfront, heading for the Curiosity Shop to buy Steve a shrunken head.
  • The gum wall was a bitch to get to, and I almost pee myself because I had to go so bad.
  • We have lunch at Fisherman’s. I got the Dungeness Crab. Oh my, it was good!
  • Back to the hotel. On our way, we spot Escala! OMG! We squee in the cab loudly!
  • We go back out later to the grocery store. I did not bring my camera, and we were right across from Escala! I was kicking myself.
  • I decide I’ll go out in the morning and take a cab. Wave to Fifty.
  • We decide to skip the Underground tour because we were both too tired.
  • We go out to The Blarney Stone instead. We had to pay $5 to get in and neither of us felt like being there. Twi-Whore orders a beer and doesn’t even want it.
  • After she finishes her beer we leave and are back to the hotel by 6:30 to watch Harry Potter. Both of us are so excited to watch it because we’ve been seeing ads for it all week. We’re old and sad.
  • Friday I go visit Fifty at Escala. We have our filthy, filthy way with each other. Don’t tell Steve.
  • Later we go meet Ben at the zoo. It was fun and familiar. So glad we could visit with him again.
  • We get sort of lost on the way back to the hotel from the zoo, but find a really yummy bakery, and a pub for lunch, with great food and horrible service. We both leave bad tips.
  • Back at the hotel we both have multiple foodgasms while eating our bakery goodies.
  • We have an early night, (well I do) and head home the next day.

Adventures With Ben

I’ve known my friend Ben for close to ten years, but we had never met. Let me explain. I’m part of a fantastic group of people on a message board that’s been around for ten years in August. I joined maybe six months after it was founded, and Ben came along not long after me. I unfortunately had to leave when we moved, and found my way back after a couple of years absence.

A lot of people have met up here and there, mainly living in the US, and a few in Canada, but I’ve never had the chance to meet anyone before. As soon as plans were made to go to Seattle I immediately contacted Ben and asked if he wanted to meet up at some point. I was so excited when he said yes!

We decided to meet for lunch in Bellevue, near his office. Twi-Whore and I showed up and it was a surreal experience meeting him for the first time. I was all goofy grins and awkward hellos. He’s an old pro at meeting people from the board so this was nothing new for him.

When we finally decided on where to go for lunch, (a pub) he introduced me to his mom, and showed me photos of his family, and the properties his company owns, which was really cool.

Lunch was delicious and surprisingly not awkward. It felt like we were old friends (which we were) and hung out all the time. He gave us directions on how to get to Kurt Cobain’s memorial bench (more on that another time) and I gave him a bag full of chips, which he was all excited for. We decided to meet again on Friday at the zoo and spend the afternoon together.

The zoo was so fun. I always forget how much I love going to the zoo, and it’s a good place to go if you’re a bit socially awkward like I tend to be at times.

We got to the gorillas exhibit, and one of them regurgitated it’s lunch into it’s hand right in front of us, and decided to eat it up again. So gross!

Ben was mean and made me go into the bug exhibit. I was so disgusted and terrified that I held my hand and arm over my face the entire time and made a mad rush to get out of there. Not nice.

The komodo dragon was HUGE! I’ve never seen one in person and when it stuck its tongue out it made Ben jump. Twi-Whore and I laughed at him.

By the time we were done, I’d had such a nice visit with him, the conversation flowed easily and I felt like I could joke and laugh at him like I do everyone else. We took a photo of us together to document it and prove each other is really real. He’s a private person so in respect to his wishes I won’t post it here, but I will post another photo I have.

And Awaaay We Go

In just under an hour Twi-Whore and I will be on our way. Our first stop is Spokane for a bit of shopping, and a break from driving for a couple of days. Then we’re headed to Forks, and Seattle.

I’m not sure if there will be regular posting in the meantime, but I assure you I’ll tell all about it when I get back.

Meanwhile, you can check out my 365 over at my other blog, or on my flickr, which I will update daily.

See you when I get back!

Twilight Tuesday

It’s official! The dates are set and hotels are booked. Twi-Whore and I are headed to Forks! On March 9th we start our journey and are stopping in Spokane for two nights before the big drive to Forks, WA on the 11th.

We’re staying in a Twilight themed room for four nights, during which time we’ll be checking out the Hoh rainforest, First beach at La Push, the Twilight Lounge, among many other things. We’re planning to go for dinner in Port Angeles at La Bella Italia, and maybe take a scary walk down a dark alley to see if a sparkley someone will come to our rescue.

The 15th takes us to Seattle, where we plan on doing lots of touristy stuff, like visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, do an underground tour, and check out Fifty’s pad. I’m also going to be meeting up with my friend Ben, who I’m so excited to finally meet!

It still seems surreal, even though it’s still 4 months away, that we’re actually going. Only 133 days left to go!

Twilight Tuesday

We’ve set the dateish. Twi-Whore and I are finally planning our pilgrimage to the Twitarded mother land. That’s right folks, we’re headed to Forks!

We decided, the end of March, would be the best time to go to Utensil (as I like to call it), and we’d go through Spokane and Seattle along the way.

Of course we’ll have to stop in at Port Angeles and have dinner at Bella Italia, and I may just order the Mushroom Ravioli.

La Push and First Beach are a must on our to do list, as are the Dazzled by Twilight store in Forks, along with the Dazzled by Twilight Tour.

We picked up some maps, and somewhat routed out our journey.  We still have yet to book rooms, let alone decide where to stay. There’s so many places to choose from. Between Jacob Black’s House, the Twilight Eclipse Cabin, and the Pacific Inn Motel, where they have Twilight themed rooms.

It’s going to be a tough decision, but at least we have almost 9 months to plan. It’s like we’re having our own little Twitarded baby, in the form of a road trip anyways.