Things I Love Thursday

  • Santa’s Choice hampers
  • My iPod “Other” playlist
  • Classic Christmas music. Burl Ives and Bing Crosby are my favourites.
  • New Moon!
  • Seeing it as a double feature.
  • Unexpected updates on my favourite stories.
  • Packages wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon.
  • Christmas movies. Classic, new, religious, funny, serious, they’re all good!
  • The crackle from a fire.
  • That this list is mainly Christmas and Twilight related. Lol.

Things I Love Monday

  • Tea. I haven’t been able to drink and fully appreciate tea in about two years. I’ve gotten back in the habit of drinking it regularly now and I’m loving it.
  • Wednesday nights. I have so many good shows on Wednesday’s that it’s hard to pick what to watch, but I make it work.
  • Jacob Black. Still.
  • Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik. What a great story with lots of lemony goodness!
  • Lemons!
  • My Twilight stuff iPod playlist. I play it over and over and still love it!
  • Starbucks Gingerbread Latte’s! The red cup is back!