Twilight Tuesday

We’ve set the dateish. Twi-Whore and I are finally planning our pilgrimage to the Twitarded mother land. That’s right folks, we’re headed to Forks!

We decided, the end of March, would be the best time to go to Utensil (as I like to call it), and we’d go through Spokane and Seattle along the way.

Of course we’ll have to stop in at Port Angeles and have dinner at Bella Italia, and I may just order the Mushroom Ravioli.

La Push and First Beach are a must on our to do list, as are the Dazzled by Twilight store in Forks, along with the Dazzled by Twilight Tour.

We picked up some maps, and somewhat routed out our journey.  We still have yet to book rooms, let alone decide where to stay. There’s so many places to choose from. Between Jacob Black’s House, the Twilight Eclipse Cabin, and the Pacific Inn Motel, where they have Twilight themed rooms.

It’s going to be a tough decision, but at least we have almost 9 months to plan. It’s like we’re having our own little Twitarded baby, in the form of a road trip anyways.


A Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday, Twi-Whore and I thought it would be a great day for an Eclipse party, what with there being a lunar eclipse and all.

We started around 1:00 in the afternoon, dining on Monte Cristo sandwiches and Mozza Sticks for lunch. We paired it with a delightful Mead we found at the farmers market last weekend. For a treat afterwards we had Ben and Jerry’s Cullen Carmel Hat Trick ice cream, in honor of MoBS. Delicious!

As we ate, we watched Remember Me, and of course, talked during the film. Devil’s Food cupcakes with Peanut Butter icing were snacked on throughout the day. After Remember Me we took a break, made some popcorn, and did a bit of planning for our trip to “Utensil”, before starting Twilight.

We got to the baseball scene before we got bored decided we needed something more active to keep us alert. So we played Guitar Hero!  That definitely helped for a while, and it stayed in the theme when I sang Taylor Swift’s You Belong To Me with the Jacob Black lyrics. Even though it’s a strictly Team Edward party. No dogs allowed.

Once Guitar Hero was finished we made some Baked Bree Brie with carmelized onions and baguette, while we watched Robsessed. *giggle* Surprisingly enough it wasn’t boring. Another bottle of wine was enjoyed, and like the bad Twi-fans we are, we didn’t get around to watching New Moon. Instead we opted for I Love You Man.

Even though it doesn’t sound like it’s Twi related, it definitely was! We can always make something Twi related, and it just so happened that the wedding date in the movie was set for June 30th, the very day that Eclipse is opening! Squee! [Twi-Whore’s note: What are the chances? Really!]

During I Love You Man, we opened another bottle of wine, a rose, and made some M&M’s Oriental Party Pack. Yum! [Twi-Whore’s note: You down with OPP? Ya you know me!] The movie ended just in time to watch the last half hour of SNL, and who would be hosting but none other than Taylor Lautner. We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. Unless it was The Precious. That would be perfect.

We had a lot of fun and it only sucks because we’ll have to wait another 18 months before we do another one. But we can always find an excuse to have another party. Because really everything reverts back to Twilight. Really. It does.

Twilight Tuesday

 If you look up Edward Cullen in the Urban Dictionary, this is what you will find.

A creepy vampire who watches Bella Swan when she sleeps, abandons her in a forest in the middle of the night, a constant downer and a sparkly gay guy.

While he may not be gay, it’s all true. Especially the downer part. Everything he does and says makes him such a buzz kill.

 “I have no soul; I sparkle but it’s the skin of a killer; I’m a monster; Bella’ you’re my only reason to stay alive, if that’s what I am.”

Seriously, he sounds like Debbie Downer.

I think that’s why I love Jacob so much. He’s happy! Well most of the time. Even when he gets mean or mad, he finds a way to brush off the angst and get back to being happy and fun. I think he needs to teach Edward how to stop brooding, and embrace life “if that’s what it is”.

Twilight Tuesday

Amazing isn’t even the right word for it. Beyond amazing doesn’t describe it well enough either. Saturday I spent the afternoon and evening watching New Moon. Twi-Whore and myself decided that we were brave enough to throw ourselves amongst the throngs of screaming fangirls and tweens to see New Moon twice in one day, because just once wouldn’t suffice. Our first showing was at 4:00 and I got there at 1:30 expecting to need to walk around the mall for a bit before getting in line. Boy was I wrong! A line had already formed and was only 4 people long, but join them I did! It didn’t take long for it to grow either. While in line I read a chapter of Tropic of Virgo, and listened to my iPod to pass the time. Twi-Whore showed up not long after and we waited for another hour before they let us in.

The squeeing began when the previews rolled, then subdued a bit (for us anyways). And when we were cockblocked with an extra preview I almost got mad till I realised it was for Remember Me! We squeed so loud and nearly hyperventilated, and the ladies next to us gave us the stink eye. Finally it started. Twi-Whore and I held hands through probably 3/4 of the movie, just because we were so excited! It was ridiculous and silly and my hand cramped and she cut the circulation off of my fingers, and I made her ring gouge her thumb, but we were just so crazed. 

I can’t say enough good things about the movie. The effects, the acting, the direction, the screen play. They were all amazing, and put together with the cast, I just don’t have words to describe it. We got to see Jasper and Emmett a bit more this time which was so nice ’cause I heart them hard, and Charlie. I loved Charlie in this! Billy Burke was exceptional! His parts were funny and touching and just all around great.

I’m so glad we didn’t see Stutter Bella this time, and Smell the Fart Rob. Taylor was exceptional, and played his role extremely well. I walked in expecting to leave feeling extremely angry with Edward but surprisingly wasn’t. It ended up being Bella I was mad at, for hurting Jacob so badly. And can I just say I loved the cliff hanger ending? We all know what happens in the end anyways, and if you haven’t read the books shame on you you deserve to not know how it turns out till you see Eclipse.

After the first movie ended we went for dinner at Pita Pit, and the guy working made fun of us a bit for going twice and tried to rub it in that he went the night before. Whatever, I’m a good Twi-friend and waited. That says a lot about me, I think. After dinner we went back to the mall and were going to browse for a bit, but I had a feeling there would be a line up so we headed back to the theater thankfully to stand in line. I was right, there was already a huge line forming, with about 30 or so people ahead of us. So we stood there for another 2 1/2 hours. The line ended up forming a huge loop around the inside of the mall, and we later learned it had sold out. We didn’t hold hands that time but were still just as excited to see it start (and for the Remember Me trailer). All in all we had a great day! And the effect of seeing it twice in the same day was a definite plus! We caught things we had missed the first time, and were able to absorb more without judgement. I can’t wait to see it for a third time, and a fourth, and a fifth….

Twilight Tuesday

On Saturday Twi-Whore and I had a Twilight party celebrating the release of New Moon in two weeks. I decorated the downstairs with candles, framed quotes from the movie, apples, the Twilight books, and of course, feathers! We ordered a special cake (chocolate) from Crazy Cakes with the Cullen Crest on it and the flower from the New Moon cover on top. We made a menu fitting the theme that included a veggie tray (because they’re vegetarians), red popcorn, Vampire’s Kiss martini’s, and Harry Clearwater’s home-made fish fry* (fish and chips). We also included an Oriental Party Pack from M&M’s cause it’s so delicious.

We set the Twilight mood listening to the Twilight soundtrack, and did a little photo shoot with some fake vampire fangs, while wearing our Team Jacob shirts. After, we sat down and watched two episodes of Vampire Diaries to start things off. When we saw a preview of New Moon during commercials, we both squeed and watched it three or four times! Next came The Haunted Airman, starring none other than Robert Pattinson. I will tell you right now I have no idea what the movie is about, but we watched him intently through the entire thing, rewinding it at certain points just to see the smexy parts that we wanted to watch over and over. Like when he’s getting a massage and grips the headboard tighter and moans……. Where was I? Anyways, the ending was a bit creepy and other than the freaky spiders it was hot!

After watching that, getting a few more drinks and dinner ready, we were set to watch the feature attraction. Twilight. Even though we talked almost all the way through the movie it was still so good! We followed up with watching the bits and pieces of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that Cedric, aka RPattz, was in. What a nice way to end the night.

Sunday morning when we got up, after making breakfast, we watched the Last Unicorn to finish off the experience. It doesn’t get much better than that. Unless of course RPattz was really here, or we got to watch New Moon, or watch New Moon with RPattz here…sigh.

* I splattered the plates with ketchup so it looked like blood splatters.

Things I Love Monday

  • Tea. I haven’t been able to drink and fully appreciate tea in about two years. I’ve gotten back in the habit of drinking it regularly now and I’m loving it.
  • Wednesday nights. I have so many good shows on Wednesday’s that it’s hard to pick what to watch, but I make it work.
  • Jacob Black. Still.
  • Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik. What a great story with lots of lemony goodness!
  • Lemons!
  • My Twilight stuff iPod playlist. I play it over and over and still love it!
  • Starbucks Gingerbread Latte’s! The red cup is back!

Two Weeks!

Today marks the two week date till Twi-Whore and I go see New Moon! Being the good Twi-friend that I am, I’m waiting the extra two days to see it with her so she’s off work. In honor of the two week mark we’re celebrating with a Twilight party. I ordered a cake from Crazy Cakes, and made a special menu to go with the theme. Decorations are set up and we have our Twilight/Vampire/RPattz viewings planned out as well. Should be fun!