Photo Of The Week

It’s Christmas time in my house, and there’s pretty, pretty snow outside. It makes me want to curl up by a fire and sip some hot chocolate.


Romance For The Cynical

I’m a cynical person. I have a heart of stone. I’m sarcastic and ridiculously not spontaneous. That being said, it would be nice to have a little romance now and then. I’m not talking love letters, or moonlight serenades, cause frankly I think I’d laugh in your face. It doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. A little planning goes along way. Just put some thought into it.

Flowers, a nice dinner, even if it’s cooked at home with effort, along with a beautiful presentation would be nice. Maybe add some candles and dress up. Make a big deal out of it. A picnic on the floor by a fire, with delicious food and some nice music.

I’ve always wanted flowers delivered to me for some reason. I think that’s romantic. It seems so much more thought has gone into it than just bringing flowers home.

To me, romance is the effort put into the planning, the mood created is the result.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Karaoke on Guitar Hero
  • That this cluster fuck of a year is finally coming to an end
  • Finding a way to improvise a mic stand so I can sing and play guitar at the same time
  • My Luna Twilight lipglosses
  • Spending New Years Eve at home with a bunch of good movies and a fire
  • Sleep
  • My cupcake pyjamas. CWAIA anyone?

Things I Love Thursday

  • Cozying up to a warm fire with a good book
  • Legwarmers
  • Chucks
  • Organizing
  • Setting up for a houseful of people
  • White
  • Armwarmers
  • Black nail polish
  • Jeans and a tee. Classic comfy.
  • Cupcakes
  • Emancipation Proclamation. It’s getting really good again!

Things I Love Thursday

  • Santa’s Choice hampers
  • My iPod “Other” playlist
  • Classic Christmas music. Burl Ives and Bing Crosby are my favourites.
  • New Moon!
  • Seeing it as a double feature.
  • Unexpected updates on my favourite stories.
  • Packages wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon.
  • Christmas movies. Classic, new, religious, funny, serious, they’re all good!
  • The crackle from a fire.
  • That this list is mainly Christmas and Twilight related. Lol.

It’s Coming…

I can almost smell it. Cinnamon, cloves, apples, pine, sage, ham, and the dreaded “t” word, turkey. It’s almost that magical time where everything is peaceful and bright. The house is cozy and warm. Fires are crackling, snow is falling lights are lit. Christmas is just around the corner! Every one knows I start to think about Christmas early. In reality I start planning for next Christmas before the present one is even over. August is the start of my “get ready” mode. I like to meal plan early for the big day, especially this year, seeing as we’re having it at our house, draw names for gifts and start shopping to beat the rush. Being in a new home I’m also already visualising where the decorations will be put and any extras I need to purchase. We’re having a second tree for the first time this year, and I’m thrilled to have a “fun” tree. I’m even contemplating putting colored lights on it! A first for me! There’s only 9 and 1/2 weeks left till I can put up my decorations and I couldn’t be more excited.

Green & Gold for Christmas