Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5, Finale, are in honor of a certain award-winning American TV series finally coming to its quirky conclusion (this week and next, I think). What? You thought finale meant the bowing-out of Friday 5? Ha! In your dreams! Friday 5 cannot hope to be stopped; it can only hope to be delayed a few hours, as with this week’s questions!

  1. What television series finale did you particularly enjoy? I think Frasier left with a great ending.
  2. What television series finale did you think was a disservice to the series as a whole? Roseanne. Great show, horrible ending.
  3. What is your favorite dessert? Cheesecake!
  4. What were the circumstances surrounding your most dramatic exit from a room? Probably a fight, yelling, screaming, stomping away?
  5. If you could choose any symbolic way to end 2009, how would you end it? Going to bed early. It’s been a shitty year all around, and ending it early would be nice.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekfinale!