Things I Love Thursday

  • The ending to MoBS. So incredibly funny! But I’m so sad it’s over.
  • That Fifty is back!
  • National Cupcake Day
  • Catching up with an old friend.
  • That I was able to fix my broken kick pedal on my drums.
  • Impromptu games of Guitar Hero with Melissa.

Twilight Tuesday

Starting a new fic is like a new friendship, it’s a bit awkward, somewhat exciting and you never know where it’ll lead. Usually you develop a great friendship, and with a bit of give and take, you end up with a new friend. Sometimes you may not like certain things, but you get past them to see the big picture.

On the other hand, sometimes it starts out with great promise only to find out twenty-something chapters in, it’s not what you were expecting and takes a turn for the worst. Like that friend that seems great to begin with and is there for you when you need them, sometimes, and is always there to call you when they need a friend, they start to wear thin. Finally they make you question the friendship. Maybe you stop calling them, or they stop calling you, and if and when you do talk, finally, it’s awkward and full of uncomfortable silences. Things are not what you thought they were going to be.

Sometimes a fic that starts out great and has so much promise, takes a sudden or even gradual turn for the worse. That’s the point where you wonder if you should keep soldiering on and finish it, like a true friend would, or flounce, like the jaded person you’ve become, who’s taken as much as you can stand and won’t take any more.

Lately, that has been me. One fic I read not too long ago, started out with a great beginning and almost half way into it, started to take a weird twist. I thought, ok, this might be alright, and I kept reading. I was almost 3/4 through when it just went from weird to awful. It was completed so I just decided to finish, and with a cliff hanger ending, it left me feeling used and dirty.

The last one I read like that was a wip. It started out strong. Even going into the 15-18th chapters it was still quite good. I had so much hope for it. Then it just flipped. She became annoying and he was whiney. Not a good combination. The endearments felt forced and the lemons weren’t written very well. Like that friend that suddenly turns on you, instead of sticking it out to see how it will end up, I flounced. I just didn’t have it in me to keep on keeping on.

 So instead of trying to sort out the toxic friends and fics, I’m moving on. My fic list is getting a detoxification. Stat.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Girls night. Always fun, and you never know what’s going to happen.
  • This. Seriously one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.
  • The ending to Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. Such a fantastic story.
  • Master of the Universe. I’m only 13 chapters in and I’m already hooked.
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • Swiss Chalet’s 1/4 chicken dinner. With out the sauce ’cause it’s gross.

Twilight Tuesday

There’s a time and place for everything, and I believe it’s called ‘fan fiction’. — Joss Whedon

Ever since I was introduced to the wonderful world of fan fiction almost a year ago, via Wide Awake, I’ve become a bit obsessed with it. I’ve read more fic’s than books during that time, and lately it’s gotten worse. Since August the only books I’ve read have been the Twilight series, and during that I’ve probably read about 5 fic’s! I’m currently trying to read a non-Twi book, and am seriously doing a poor job. And at the moment I have about 4 other fic’s on the go right now, that are waiting for updates.

I even got Twi-Whore to start obsessing over Fan Fiction too. She, however, can read them while out on her Blackberry, while I have to wait for a convenient, husband free, few hours on my laptop. Lucky bitch. She tends to read mostly while at work it seems, and sends me the funniest texts at night while she’s working. Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find as many as 6 texts, all pertaining to Twilight and fan fic’s!

I’ve just finished Tropic of Virgo last week, and have started the sequel, Tropic of Gemini. I’m also currently reading Daedalus in Exile, Emancipation proclamation, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, and am wanting to start Small Town Gossip. I never understood how people could read more than one book at the same time, but now I do.

I think some of the draw to Fan Fiction is not so much the characters, and that they’re from Twilight, but the writing it’s self. There are some fantastic authors out there who could make a very good living off of their writing. The lemons help though. Just saying. There’s nothing like a good lemony crack-fic. And the dirtier the better.

So while I sit here reading my fic’s and waiting not so patiently for my many updates, I more than likely will ignore the overwhelmingly, overflowing pile of books on my book shelf. C’est la vie.

Things I Love Thursday

  • New York steak cooked medium rare
  • Getting my hair cut
  • Finding a completed story and being able to finish it without waiting for updates.
  • Christmas shopping. Retail therapy is best when you have a reason for it.
  • Finding something you’re looking for when it’s the very last one.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Glee!
  • Hot chocolate, made with real chocolate and milk.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Santa’s Choice hampers
  • My iPod “Other” playlist
  • Classic Christmas music. Burl Ives and Bing Crosby are my favourites.
  • New Moon!
  • Seeing it as a double feature.
  • Unexpected updates on my favourite stories.
  • Packages wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon.
  • Christmas movies. Classic, new, religious, funny, serious, they’re all good!
  • The crackle from a fire.
  • That this list is mainly Christmas and Twilight related. Lol.

It’s My Birthday!

At least it feels like it is! Today I’m braving the throng of teen fangirls with Twi-Whore to go see New Moon. It feels like I’ve waited years for this day, when in reality it’s barely been a year. I’ve done my best to not hear or read any reviews so I don’t have anymore preconceived notions than I already do. So I’m venturing out into the wild, armed with my phone, so I can read fanfic, and my iPod set to the New Moon soundtrack to get in the mood, while I stand in line and secure wicked seats. Wish me luck, I might need it!