Twilight Tuesday

Twilight is amazing, right? The sparkling vampires, the venom, the “vegetarianism”. It’s what makes Twilight, Twilight. I thought why not expand my horizons and try reading the True Blood series as well. So I did. Sort of.

I started the first book, Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, and got about half way through. It was actually good, and I kind of got into it, when I realised it was skewing my view on Vampires as a whole. I didn’t like that. These vampires didn’t sparkle, they had blood in their veins, and were burned by silver. Yes they drank synthetic blood, but they were “out of the coffin” so to speak, people knew about their existence. They slept during the day, and couldn’t go in the sunlight. Everything just seemed wrong.

It was funny also because I’d heard before that Stephenie Meyer had ripped off the series, and after reading half of the first book I can see why. I’m sure other people have talked about this to death (pun intended), so I won’t say much. The whole reversal of mind reading is completely obvious, and the drinking of synthetic blood and “vegetarianism”? Come on! What I found really strange though, although subtle, was the use of the name Hale. It’s the grandmother’s maiden name in the True Blood series, and Rosalie’s last name in Twilight. Coincidence? I think not.

So while I may have enjoyed the series before Twilight came into my life, I’ve decided to hold off. Not just on this one but on Vampires as a whole*. Because really, nothing beats a perfect brooding, sparkling Vampire like Edward, or Jasper, or Emmett for that matter.

*Unless of course it’s the Vampire Diaries, cause that show is all kinds of delicious.


Twilight Tuesday

I know I’m late to the party with this, but I really wanted to give my take on the whole Wide Awake Epilogue. First of all, I love Wide Awake, it was the first fic I read, and if it ever gets published I will be one of the first people in my town to go buy it. That being said, I was a bit disappointed in the highly awaited epilogue. It’s all anyone could talk about for months now, and I think all the hype leading up to it made it have a bit of a let down.

As always it was very well written, but it just didn’t seem to have that je ne sais quoi to it. Yes they still have stuff to work through. Yes with both of their conditions it’s not going to be easy. But should she have left Elizabeth alone when Edward returned from Chicago? My answer is yes. Definitely. Edward was already moving forward and so was Bella. To bring him back to that crumpled and pained point, in my opinion, was pointless. I would have loved to see them moving forward, to see what it was like for them in college and real life. I did think it was nice however that he did take her to the cemetary to “visit” his parents and “meet” them. I think it was very realistic to do that.

The wedding with Carlisle and Esme was good add in, and the fact that Bella wanted to hug Carlisle after, and even carried it through was really great to show how far she’d come. Of course Jasper was great, even though he wasn’t in it much other than asking for a bra for a slingshot and at the wedding, and knowing that Emmett and Rose were having a baby was a nice touch.

I didn’t care much for the backhanded marriage proposal even though “it’s a given”. The gazebo was a good metaphor for their relationship though. Even though it’s not pretty sometimes, and gets weeds and things growing all over it, you can always clean it up and make it beautiful again, just like our Bella and Edward.

So even though the story is complete and finished, for me it was concluded with this sentence:

But there’d be only acceptance—never shame—in being two divine failures as we emerged from slumber, perfectly flawed, and wide awake.

To me, that is the perfect ending to a fabulous story. Thank you angstgoddess003, for your exquisite story, no matter what I, or anyone, thinks of the Epilogue.

Twilight Tuesday

Amazing isn’t even the right word for it. Beyond amazing doesn’t describe it well enough either. Saturday I spent the afternoon and evening watching New Moon. Twi-Whore and myself decided that we were brave enough to throw ourselves amongst the throngs of screaming fangirls and tweens to see New Moon twice in one day, because just once wouldn’t suffice. Our first showing was at 4:00 and I got there at 1:30 expecting to need to walk around the mall for a bit before getting in line. Boy was I wrong! A line had already formed and was only 4 people long, but join them I did! It didn’t take long for it to grow either. While in line I read a chapter of Tropic of Virgo, and listened to my iPod to pass the time. Twi-Whore showed up not long after and we waited for another hour before they let us in.

The squeeing began when the previews rolled, then subdued a bit (for us anyways). And when we were cockblocked with an extra preview I almost got mad till I realised it was for Remember Me! We squeed so loud and nearly hyperventilated, and the ladies next to us gave us the stink eye. Finally it started. Twi-Whore and I held hands through probably 3/4 of the movie, just because we were so excited! It was ridiculous and silly and my hand cramped and she cut the circulation off of my fingers, and I made her ring gouge her thumb, but we were just so crazed. 

I can’t say enough good things about the movie. The effects, the acting, the direction, the screen play. They were all amazing, and put together with the cast, I just don’t have words to describe it. We got to see Jasper and Emmett a bit more this time which was so nice ’cause I heart them hard, and Charlie. I loved Charlie in this! Billy Burke was exceptional! His parts were funny and touching and just all around great.

I’m so glad we didn’t see Stutter Bella this time, and Smell the Fart Rob. Taylor was exceptional, and played his role extremely well. I walked in expecting to leave feeling extremely angry with Edward but surprisingly wasn’t. It ended up being Bella I was mad at, for hurting Jacob so badly. And can I just say I loved the cliff hanger ending? We all know what happens in the end anyways, and if you haven’t read the books shame on you you deserve to not know how it turns out till you see Eclipse.

After the first movie ended we went for dinner at Pita Pit, and the guy working made fun of us a bit for going twice and tried to rub it in that he went the night before. Whatever, I’m a good Twi-friend and waited. That says a lot about me, I think. After dinner we went back to the mall and were going to browse for a bit, but I had a feeling there would be a line up so we headed back to the theater thankfully to stand in line. I was right, there was already a huge line forming, with about 30 or so people ahead of us. So we stood there for another 2 1/2 hours. The line ended up forming a huge loop around the inside of the mall, and we later learned it had sold out. We didn’t hold hands that time but were still just as excited to see it start (and for the Remember Me trailer). All in all we had a great day! And the effect of seeing it twice in the same day was a definite plus! We caught things we had missed the first time, and were able to absorb more without judgement. I can’t wait to see it for a third time, and a fourth, and a fifth….

Twilight Tuesday

Everyone’s going crazy about the photos of Rob and Kristen holding hands, saying it proves that they’re a couple. So if that’s true then does that mean that Peter and Kellan are? Lucinelli everyone. The next celebrity super couple!

Things I Love Monday

  • Guitar Hero 5. I think this is by far one of the best Guitar Hero games out there! The track list is amazing, and the downloadable contest is fantastic!
  • My new iPod! When I first got it on Thursday I wanted to throw it out the window, cause it was so frustrating. After I figured it out though, I absolutely love it! I have over 400 songs on it and a ton of pictures of certain people from a certain movie that will remain nameless. 😉
  • Cold weather. And rain! Yesterday it was a nice rainy fall day. Oh how I miss the cool air! I’ve been so looking forward to the start of fall and we haven’t yet had a good taste of it.
  • Sweaters and hoodies, long jeans with boots, plaid, and sweater dresses.
  • My fauxhawk. I started wearing my hair in a fauxhawk and after playing around for a while I loved it! It’s very emo, and totally different from anything I would normally ever do.