Things I Love Thursday

  • The Eclipse commentary. Rob yelling “boooobs” = total win!
  • The Water For Elephants trailer
  • Movie days
  • Christmas grocery shopping
  • Surprise crafts from the kids. Shayla made the cutest cupcake magnet, and Austin’s Flames key chain is adorable.
  • The Oatmeal
  • Martin Starr. I’m rewatching Freaks and Geeks with Twi-Whore and Martin Starr just kills me as Bill Haverchuck.

Twilight Tuesday

On Friday evening, Twi-Whore and I went Wal-Mart for the midnight release of Eclipse. I had gone to the last one by myself for New Moon, and it was busy, so naturally I figured this time it would be as well, so we went early. Wow, was I wrong. We were second in line, which didn’t even form till around 11:55ish.

The next day we planned to watch all three Twilight movies at Twi-Whore’s, as is our tradition. (We do the “Twi Parties” at my house, and the DVD releases at hers.) We had our menu planned, which consisted of our usuals, baked brie with caramelized onions and baguette, Oriental Party Pack from M and M’s, and an artichoke and Asiago dip. It was delicious, obviously.

We sat down around 1:00 to start Twilight, with the agreement that we would watch all three films the whole way through, with little rewinding. Surprisingly, we did it! We watched both Twilight and New Moon the whole way through, without skipping parts (baseball and fight scene in Twilight for me, and after Edward leaves till Alice arrives in New Moon for Twi-Whore), and we both really enjoyed them! It had been so long for the both of us, since we watched them that it was almost like the first second time again. We both squeed at all the right parts, and groaned at all the wrong awful parts (most of Twilight).

Then it was time for Eclipse! I made Twi-Whore watch the previews, just incase, you never know, maybe they would show one for Bel Ami. As we later learned, they did not. Instead, for the squillionth time, they had a preview for Letters to Juliette. I swear if I ever see that preview again, I will kill someone. We got about half way through when Twi-Whore started falling asleep. I tried the best I could to keep her awake but figured I’d just leave it be, and she ended up sleeping through the fight scene. I woke her when it was over and she stayed awake for the rest of the movie. The next day we came back to my house for a True Blood marathon, and finally finished Season 3.

Now we have a long, hard wait, for just under a year till Breaking Dawn Part One, is finally released. And I’ve decided I’m going to be a giant whore and read and look at anything I can find pertaining to it. So, here’s to whoring it up for Breaking Dawn!

Twilight Tuesday

I’m so sad. Eclipse is ending at our cheap theater here, and Twi-Whore and I never went to see it there. Shocking I know.

We did however, see it four times in the regular theater though, and just never seemed to find a good time to get to the other one. Now it’s going to be a long wait till December 4th for the dvd release.

I’m not too sad about it though, because we’ll be that much more excited to see it again. Plus, I’m already sick of the first two after seeing them so many times.

And let’s face it, with just over a year to go still, till the first part of Breaking Dawn is released, it’s going to get old real fast. Mind you, there’s still Water for Elephants, and Bel Ami to look forward to, plus our journey to Forks in March.

I guess I best be digging out my books and diving into some fanfics to keep my love alive.

Twilight Tuesday

Twi-Whore and I went to see Eclipse again the other day. It kind of not really surprised me how much like twelve year olds we can be.

During the scene where Jacob meets Bella and Edward at the school, I could swear I saw a booger in his nose. I relayed this information to Twi-Whore, and couldn’t stop giggling about it. There’s something about her and I that bring out the worst inner pre-teen in each other.

Take, for instance, the part when after the fight with the newborns, Jacob gets his ribs crushed and phases back to human. He’s naked! And Bella’s there! We couldn’t stop giggling. We were sure it had to be her first glimpse at a naked peen, because we all know, Edward is too “Old School” to give her the goods, let alone giver her a peek at his sparkly member.

There are definitely other parts that get us going, and giggling. But let’s face it. There’s nothing quite like a werewolf with a booger, or in the buff to bring out your inner tween.

Twilight Tuesday

Mostly Spoiler Free

I was going to talk mainly about Eclipse today, even though I already did a bit the other day, but decided instead to talk about Jackson. Oh how I love him. He comes in an extremely close second, only to The Precious.

Thursday afternoon Twi-Whore and I went to see The Last Airbender. It actually looked really good, and Jackson was one of the main characters, so it had to be a win/win situation. Right? Right. Happily, we both really liked it despite the bad reviews it recieved.

It was really nice to see Jackson with cute hair, a bit of humor, and acting nothing like a blood thirsty vampire. I know he’s been in other movies, but they’re a bitch to find, and it was nice to see that he can actually act!

Then we saw Eclipse again on Saturday. The second time was just as good if not better, because it gives you time to notice little things you didn’t notice the first time around, like how all the eyes are dark at one point, and Alice’s yellow Porsche outside of Bella’s house. Little things like that.

I think I swooned everytime I saw Jackson on screen. And in his Confederate uniform! Ome he was hot! If you can get past the fugly hair, and horrid eye color, he’s just so yummy! I even really like the southern accent he’s put on for it.

I really hope he’s going to be in more films with bigger roles, because I definitely think he could have a large following. I know I would be on the Jackson bandwagon. I mean really? How could you not be?

Things I Love Thursday

  • The weather cooling off after a heat wave.
  • Finding a colorful new bathing suit.
  • For only $20!
  • Rosé wine. I’m trying to work myself up to liking red. I think this is the first step.
  • That I didn’t quite freak out when the computer died.
  • And I can still get on it in safe mode.
  • Eclipse! I went in thinking I would be disappointed but I loved it!

No Words, Just Awe

There just aren’t words to describe how very much I loved Eclipse. I went in thinking it was just going to make me angry and disappointed, but surprisingly, I was neither.

It was fast paced, and they put in parts that I really wanted to see, and left some out that were small enough that it didn’t make a difference.

There wasn’t a whole lot of Mike or Jessica, which was nice, the acting was better again, and it didn’t change the way I felt about the characters as opposed to the book again.

I loved the fact that Jasper was in it a whole lot more than he previously had been, and quite a large speaking role. His southern accent was delicious and his awful hair wasn’t quite as bad as it looked in pictures. (It really was awful though) Plus he looked amazing in a Confederate Army uniform.

I can not wait to see it again. And again. And again!