Freshly Brewed

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe the taste. I started drinking coffee when I was around seven. My grandpa would give me cups filled with cream and sugar and a splash of coffee. Thus started my love affair.

Eventually, I omitted the cream and sugar and just started drinking it black, as I got older. Then I omitted the coffee altogether. No real reason, but I just up and quit one day.

I still, however, love the taste and smell, and when I have something sweet, I need the bitterness of coffee to cut through it.

Lately I’ve been baking a lot. Not cakes or cookies, but more sweets, and bars. I’ve somehow gained a sweet tooth over the last few months, and constantly need something sweet in the house.

I was on Pinterest again the other day, and stumbled upon this pin for S’Mores bars. They looked so delicious, that I had to make them.

The recipe calls for an 8×8 or 11×7 pan, but all I had was a 9×13, so that’s what I used. I used an extra chocolate bar and got by with the original amounts for the base and marshmallow.

I think when I make them again I would add another jar of marshmallow fluff, and possibly half more to the base to make it stretch a bit further. Other than that they turned out fantastic.

They’re gooey, sweet, and sticky. Everything you want s’mores to be. Now excuse me while I relax with a bar and a cup of coffee.


Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, What Goes In?

  1. What goes into your coffee or tea? Nothing. I like them both black.
  2. What goes into a good omelet? Cheese, mushrooms, onions, and depending on what I feel like, meat and other vegetables.
  3. What goes into your ears on a good morning? Quiet.
  4. What goes into a healthy but yummy lunch? A sandwich and a salad?
  5. What goes into a productive evening? Making dinner and getting it cleaned up.

Thanks for participating, and have a lovely weekend!

Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5 is Colors again.

  1. Who could be described as a nightmare in pink? I have absolutely no idea.
  2. How long does it take you to type “The quick red fox jumps over the lazy dog” on your cell phone or computer keyboard? I’m going to say 15 seconds. But first, isn’t it supposed to be The quick brown fox?
  3. What item in a plain brown wrapper did you most recently receive? Does a box count as a wrapper? It was coffee.
  4. Who’s got the loveliest cinnamon skin? Jacob
  5. When did you last take a walk in the lonely silver rain? Ages ago. I try not to walk in the rain.
  6. and one bonus question:

  7. What is the real inspiration for this week’s questions? I have no idea what you mean.

Thanks for participating, and have a long, lavender weekend!