Things I Love Thursday


Things I Love Thursday

  • Being able to add online players to my musicians list.
  • A clean house
  • Going for a walk on a warm, yet crisp, fall day.
  • Blog stalking people
  • The winos on Cougar Town. Oh how I want to be them.
  • Andy Bellefleur

Things I Love Thursday

  • The first sleep in my own bed after a week away
  • Having a later sleep pattern and sleeping in
  • Reading fluff. It’s been a while since I read a truly fluffy book
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I never used to like them and now I can’t get enough
  • How my husband makes me smile by just being himself
  • Coming home to a clean house
  • That it’s less than two weeks till Eclipse!! Squee!

Things I Love Thursday

  • Sparkle
  • Dreams so good you just have to tell someone about
  • Crisp air on a sunny day
  • Reading a book for the fourth time and finding you love it just as much as the first three
  • Finding the best wings in town are at a friend’s house
  • Feeling the urge to clean, and actually doing it
  • New inspiration

Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Comparisons.

  1. What’s something you do more quickly than most people? Brow Waxing?
  2. What’s something you do more carelessly than most people? Keep my bedroom clean.
  3. What’s something you do more slowly than most people? Drive.
  4. What’s something you do more carefully than most people? Fold laundry.
  5. In what contexts are you more patient than most people? While I’m working.

Thanks for participating, and have an even better weekend than most people!

I’m Dreaming Of…

Everyone knows I love Christmas. It’s my favourite holiday and time of year, and I’m a self-admitted “Christmas Whore”. Two weeks ago I put up my Christmas tree, not feeling Christmasey but doing it anyways, to get it done and put Austin in a better mood seeing as I was babysitting him. It took me three hours just to put up the upstairs tree and decorate it. A few days earlier I put the downstairs “fun” tree up as well. It was exciting but a big stretch for me to have a “fun” tree. It has colored and blinking lights, as well as our “special” ornaments that are all different colors. To fill it out I bought plain silver balls in different sizes. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a tree with colored lights, and while it’s fun to have, I have to say I love my white/clear ones upstairs best.

I stuck with the same colors this year upstairs, keeping with moss-green, brown, and orange, with dashes of white and silver to brighten things up. Snowflakes are the main theme, and I have a few touches of feathers thrown in too to add texture. I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of everything yet, not really feeling like I need to this year, because everything’s pretty much the same as last year, only more spread out from the larger house. I have been playing around with the lights and bokeh though, and have gotten a few good shots.

This year is especially exciting because I’m having Christmas Day at our house. No packing gifts and food up to bring to other houses, no being uncomfortable after dinner cause you forgot your “comfy pants”, no worrying you drank too much to drive home. This year we can sit around and not go anywhere. It may be a lot of work with all of the cooking and cleaning, but I get to do Christmas my way. We’re doing what my family does at Christmas (other than the fighting hopefully), a large breakfast, snacks all day, and ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner around 6:00.

As it gets closer to Christmas and the snow starts falling, shopping is getting done, and preparations are in order, I’m starting to feel it more. The songs, the lights, the smells, and the events that this time of year brings around all help to make me feel Christmasey. And even though I hate the snow and cold, I’m still caught dreaming of a white Christmas.