Freshly Brewed

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe the taste. I started drinking coffee when I was around seven. My grandpa would give me cups filled with cream and sugar and a splash of coffee. Thus started my love affair.

Eventually, I omitted the cream and sugar and just started drinking it black, as I got older. Then I omitted the coffee altogether. No real reason, but I just up and quit one day.

I still, however, love the taste and smell, and when I have something sweet, I need the bitterness of coffee to cut through it.

Lately I’ve been baking a lot. Not cakes or cookies, but more sweets, and bars. I’ve somehow gained a sweet tooth over the last few months, and constantly need something sweet in the house.

I was on Pinterest again the other day, and stumbled upon this pin for S’Mores bars. They looked so delicious, that I had to make them.

The recipe calls for an 8×8 or 11×7 pan, but all I had was a 9×13, so that’s what I used. I used an extra chocolate bar and got by with the original amounts for the base and marshmallow.

I think when I make them again I would add another jar of marshmallow fluff, and possibly half more to the base to make it stretch a bit further. Other than that they turned out fantastic.

They’re gooey, sweet, and sticky. Everything you want s’mores to be. Now excuse me while I relax with a bar and a cup of coffee.


Friday 5

Hello, welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Food Treatments.

  1. What’s your favorite pickled food? Pickles.
  2. What’s your favorite dehydrated food? Teriyaki Beef Jerky.
  3. What’s your favorite covered-in-chocolate food? Anything! Except citrus.
  4. What’s your favorite sauteed-in-garlic-and-butter food? Seafood.
  5. What’s your favorite order-at-the-drive-through food? Deep fried mushrooms, battered (not breaded) onion rings, it really depends on where we are.

Thanks for participating, and may you have a yummy weekend!

Friday 5

Hello, welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Saving.

  1. When dining out, do you usually save room for dessert? Not unless I’m at Cheesecake Cafe. Even then I get the cheesecake to go.
  2. How do you feel about saving places in line or saving seats in theaters? Fine.
  3. What’s one thing you did to save money this past year? Not much.
  4. Besides money, what’s something you’re saving for later? A nice bottle of wine.
  5. In what way did you recently save the best for last? Probably chocolates.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend and a happy new year! What? 2011?!


While browsing one day, I came across this recipe and thought it looked so good, and simple that I would attempt to make it. I had everything it needed except the cloves, which I procured from Mama Twi-Whore. So happily, I set up to make them.

After I made the filling and refrigerated it over night, I went ahead and divided them up into little balls. They were really soft so using spoons, I sort of shaped them into the closest thing I could that resembled balls. Into the freezer they went for a few hours to harden up. Four hours later they were still soft. Wtf? Whatever, I just wanted to get these things done. So I melted the dark chocolate to cover the middles and began to attempt to remove them from the wax paper lined pan. Why the fuck are they so sticky? Using a fork I scooped them up and into the bowl, covered them with chocolate, shook off the excess and stuck them on clean wax paper, and topped with sprinkles so they looked festive.

About 5 or 6 truffles in, the chocolate started to harden and get thicker so I returned it to the heat and melted it a bit. Why has no one ever told me that re-melting chocolate doesn’t work? All it did was make it hotter and melted the insides of the truffles, so that when I scraped off the excess, the middle stuck to the fork and therefore, the wax paper.

Being about half way through making the little shit balls, I decided to say screw it and throw the rest out. Now, I have festive little balls of shit, which look about as appetizing as lancing a cyst, sitting in my fridge, just waiting for someone to say, “Oh! Truffles! … Nevermind.”

I’ll stick to buying them thanks.

The good


The bad


The what the fuck?


Yesterday I finally picked up the macro lens I’ve been wanting since I bought my camera. It’s not as nice as the 100 mm macro lens, but that was way out of my price range. Instead I got the Nikkor Micro AF-S 60 mm f/2.8, and I absolutely love it! Just playing with it a little this morning I can tell already that it does exactly what I want it to do, and will most likely have a permanent place on my camera. Awesomesauce!

Twilight Tuesday

I just wanted to say again that I seriously, still have the best husband ever! I really do! Sunday was Valentine’s Day as we all know. I woke up to the sweetest gift of chocolates and Rob porn! The magazine is filled with smexy pics of none other than RPattz himself, with very few of others thrown in. Really, what’s better than chocolates and porn? Not much I’ll tell you!

Twilight Tuesday

Saturday was Twi-Whore’s birthday, and while I wasn’t able to go out like we had planned, because I was sick, I did get her a birthday gift. It was a silly gift to begin with. A month or so ago I had found a coloring book with a Unicorn on the front and thought “I have to get this for Twi-Whore! Oh and I can give it to her for her birthday.”

It kind of stemmed from there. I thought why not get her a bunch of silly things from our favourite Twi-Fics? The first is Unicorns of course from Wide Awake. Next I thought, ooh! Cupcakes! Clipped Wings and Inked Armor Tattward loves cupcakes, so I desperately searched for something cupcakey, and I found the card. After that was Emancipation Proclimation. I thought about buying her handcuffs for the chapter where Carlisle handcuffs Bella, but thought that wasn’t such a nice way to appreciate the story, so then came the idea of the Toblerone. Much better! You can’t go wrong with chocolate.

So that left Tropic of Virgo and Tropic of Gemini. Seeing as Edward doesn’t have many things that he’s crazy about, and I knew it would be a challenge to find thigh high stripey socks, I thought of Alice. Harmonicas! And let me tell you it was not easy to find one! I looked at every Dollar Store in town (and we have a lot) and only one store carries them, plus it was the last one! To top it off I finally found the New Moon Sweethearts! Of course I had to get the Edward one for her. I mean what kind of Twi-friend would I be if I didn’t?

As soon as she opened it she totally knew what everything was for, of course! I couldn’t think of a better gift*, silly as it may be, that summed up our friendship and love for all things Twilight. I hope you had a fabulous Twi-filled birthday Twi-Whore, you’re the Twi-Whore-iest!

*RPattz would obviously be the best gift possible, but chances are we’d just end up fighting over him and frightening the poor guy to death.