Grandma’s Cinnamon Buns

When I was a kid, I loved going to my Grandma’s house. I had the best Grandma ever. She was everything a Grandma should be, soft and warm and perfect for cuddling, she was constantly cooking/baking, and her house was constantly permeated with the smell of yeast and rising dough.

She would always have some sort of treat for us, whether it was curly buns, tarts of all kinds, if the Cheese Wolf had come, or even cinnamon buns. Cinnamon buns were my favourite, and Grandma’s were the best.

After I got married and moved into my own home I started baking. Grandma’s cinnamon buns were always a scary thought to try to reproduce, but try I did. And failed. Miserably. I swore I’d never make them again! Then I did. And failed again. It took me four tries to get the hang of it and get them perfect. It wasn’t easy, and I don’t take failure well.

Grandma’s cinnamon buns are like her, soft and sweet, and a bit crusty around the edges. They’re sticky and buttery, and full of perfumey cinnamon. A perfect combination of deliciousness.


Freshly Brewed

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe the taste. I started drinking coffee when I was around seven. My grandpa would give me cups filled with cream and sugar and a splash of coffee. Thus started my love affair.

Eventually, I omitted the cream and sugar and just started drinking it black, as I got older. Then I omitted the coffee altogether. No real reason, but I just up and quit one day.

I still, however, love the taste and smell, and when I have something sweet, I need the bitterness of coffee to cut through it.

Lately I’ve been baking a lot. Not cakes or cookies, but more sweets, and bars. I’ve somehow gained a sweet tooth over the last few months, and constantly need something sweet in the house.

I was on Pinterest again the other day, and stumbled upon this pin for S’Mores bars. They looked so delicious, that I had to make them.

The recipe calls for an 8×8 or 11×7 pan, but all I had was a 9×13, so that’s what I used. I used an extra chocolate bar and got by with the original amounts for the base and marshmallow.

I think when I make them again I would add another jar of marshmallow fluff, and possibly half more to the base to make it stretch a bit further. Other than that they turned out fantastic.

They’re gooey, sweet, and sticky. Everything you want s’mores to be. Now excuse me while I relax with a bar and a cup of coffee.


While browsing one day, I came across this recipe and thought it looked so good, and simple that I would attempt to make it. I had everything it needed except the cloves, which I procured from Mama Twi-Whore. So happily, I set up to make them.

After I made the filling and refrigerated it over night, I went ahead and divided them up into little balls. They were really soft so using spoons, I sort of shaped them into the closest thing I could that resembled balls. Into the freezer they went for a few hours to harden up. Four hours later they were still soft. Wtf? Whatever, I just wanted to get these things done. So I melted the dark chocolate to cover the middles and began to attempt to remove them from the wax paper lined pan. Why the fuck are they so sticky? Using a fork I scooped them up and into the bowl, covered them with chocolate, shook off the excess and stuck them on clean wax paper, and topped with sprinkles so they looked festive.

About 5 or 6 truffles in, the chocolate started to harden and get thicker so I returned it to the heat and melted it a bit. Why has no one ever told me that re-melting chocolate doesn’t work? All it did was make it hotter and melted the insides of the truffles, so that when I scraped off the excess, the middle stuck to the fork and therefore, the wax paper.

Being about half way through making the little shit balls, I decided to say screw it and throw the rest out. Now, I have festive little balls of shit, which look about as appetizing as lancing a cyst, sitting in my fridge, just waiting for someone to say, “Oh! Truffles! … Nevermind.”

I’ll stick to buying them thanks.

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