Twilight Tuesday

Mostly Spoiler Free

I was going to talk mainly about Eclipse today, even though I already did a bit the other day, but decided instead to talk about Jackson. Oh how I love him. He comes in an extremely close second, only to The Precious.

Thursday afternoon Twi-Whore and I went to see The Last Airbender. It actually looked really good, and Jackson was one of the main characters, so it had to be a win/win situation. Right? Right. Happily, we both really liked it despite the bad reviews it recieved.

It was really nice to see Jackson with cute hair, a bit of humor, and acting nothing like a blood thirsty vampire. I know he’s been in other movies, but they’re a bitch to find, and it was nice to see that he can actually act!

Then we saw Eclipse again on Saturday. The second time was just as good if not better, because it gives you time to notice little things you didn’t notice the first time around, like how all the eyes are dark at one point, and Alice’s yellow Porsche outside of Bella’s house. Little things like that.

I think I swooned everytime I saw Jackson on screen. And in his Confederate uniform! Ome he was hot! If you can get past the fugly hair, and horrid eye color, he’s just so yummy! I even really like the southern accent he’s put on for it.

I really hope he’s going to be in more films with bigger roles, because I definitely think he could have a large following. I know I would be on the Jackson bandwagon. I mean really? How could you not be?


Twilight Tuesday

I think Eclipse is seriously going to piss me off. First, it’s my favourite book of the series. Second, New Moon started the whole “piss me off” thing when Edward didn’t hold Bella back from going to Jacob in the end. That was my whole basis on hating being angry with Edward. (Who am I kidding? I could never hate Edward.) Third, I am was Team Jacob. Next comes the shitty, shitty trailers. The second full trailer was good, but overall they were disappointing.

Finally when I watched the MTV Movie Awards and saw the “exclusive clip” I think my Eclipse boner shriveled up and died. Wtf? Why must Summit ruin everything? Bella telling Edward to “trust her” and him letting her just walk away and get on the bike with Jacob? Really Summit? Really? Have you even read the books Melissa Rosenberg?

Bella does not leave the school when Edward is there. He’s away hunting and Bella is left with Alice, who doesn’t see Jacob come and get Bella from school. Edward ends up angry and brooding, and that’s what makes the story great, angry, brooding Edward, and bi-polar Jacob.

I think I may even be more excited for Harry Potter, and to top it all off, now I have conflicting feelings between the book and movie versions. Thanks for that Summit. Thanks.

Twilight Tuesday

As I was watching the Eclipse trailer again the other day, I noticed a common theme with Alice. In all the movies she has the same line, “It’s time.” What’s up with that?

45 seconds in to the baseball scene in Twilight she says it while they wait to start playing.

Then in New Moon, it’s the birthday scene. 32 seconds in, she says it twice.

While she doesn’t say it in the Eclipse trailer, and I’m pretty sure it’s Alec or Felix who says “It’s time”, it seems to be a common theme with Alice and showcasing her psychic abilities. Even still,I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up saying it at some point in the movie, which, by the way, is only a month and three weeks away! Squee!

Twilight Tuesday

I am thoroughly disappointed in Twi-Whore and myself. We have to be the worst Twi-Fans ever!

January 10th is the last day Twi-Whore and I saw New Moon in the theater. Since then we had been impatiently waiting for last Saturday to come. We could have been bad and downloaded the movie, or even watched it online now and again, but we decided to revirginize ourselves for both New Moon and Twilight until March 20th.

Friday night at midnight I went to Walmart, stood in the massive line, and bought my movie, even though I had to wait till the next afternoon/evening to watch it with Twi-Whore. I’m a good friend like that.

We decided that we would watch at her house seeing as she has a larger tv. (Quite a bit larger I would say.)

So our night went like this.

  • Get to Twi-Whore’s and unload food and drinks, set Jasper up somewhere comfy so he can watch the movies with us
  • Pop in Secretary, which really doesn’t have anything to do with Twilight other than it’s along the same theme of some of the fics we’ve been reading lately
  • Jasper quite liked Secretary and decided he wants to practice some of the things on Alice
  • Head upstairs to make some dinner, and get cheesecake ready. Pop in Twilight
  • Jasper was upset he wasn’t in Twilight very much but thought his hair and wardrobe was much, much better than New Moon
  • Twi-Whore is falling asleep, so she has a quick nap and I read a couple chapters of updated fics
  • Jasper and I wake Twi-Whore up, we go make popcorn and get shots ready for New Moon. Every time we see a shirtless boy we drink (shots are gone within the first hour)
  • Squee at Remember Me trailer, and opening sequence
  • We get interrupted before Charlie even gets a chance to wish me Bella a happy birthday
  • Finally we get to watch again
  • Jasper is horrified by what he tries to do at my Bella’s birthday, but we calm him down
  • Both Twi-Whore and myself are having a hard time staying awake. This is where we become the worst Twi-Fans ever!

It’s dark, both of us are laying down watching. I was up early and she only had 4 hours of sleep after working a night shift. It was 11:00 and Jacob had just burst into her bedroom to get her to remember about the wolves. Twi-Whore and I were both falling asleep!

The horror!

So we decided to play just the head. We turned it off and watched the rest of it in the morning, having minutes to spare before we had to leave to go see Alice in Wonderland. Afterwards I thought it might be a good idea to watch the whole thing in one viewing and sat down and watched it that evening by myself, while texting Twi-Whore as she watched at her house as well.

Really though, after seeing it 6 times in the theater, it’s not like we didn’t know what was going to happen. Right?

Twilight Tuesday

6. That’s the number of times Twi-Whore and I have seen New Moon so far. Each time I see it I hate Bella more and more. I started to wonder why exactly that is then, that I love the books so much, despite the fact that it’s told from her perspective.

I realised that it was the small, subtle things that they changed in New Moon, and KStew in particular*, that bugged me the most. The twitchy, stuttery acting, which granted, wasn’t as awful as it was in Twilight, often couldn’t get me past seeing her as opposed to Bella. The way she left Jake when Alice showed up, and again when she left him to go save Edward. That part always did bother me in the books, seeing as I’m very team Jacob, at least till Breaking Dawn.

But in New Moon, the movie, it really stems down to the end. When Edward is supposed to hold her back from Jacob because he’s “not safe for her to be around”, and she has to peer around him to talk to Jake, they made a major fuck up in my opinion. Instead of Edward holding her back, she asked him to “read his mind, is he going to hurt me?”, and just went to Jacob. That was my whole basis for being mad at Edward in the books! Now it’s Bella’s fault for hurting Jacob directly, and not inadvertently, like it was meant to be in the book. For me it changes the whole series, how I feel about Edward in general, my love for Jacob, and it makes me wonder how they’re going to work that out when Eclipse comes out.

 Maybe I’ll just have to read the books again to dissipate the way I feel about her, Jacob and Edward in particular.

*Speaking of KStew. The part where she’s in the water, and see’s Victoria, she’s up against a rock and starts flailing around like a total tard, drives me insane! What the hell is she doing?!

Twilight Tuesday

Saturday was Twi-Whore’s birthday, and while I wasn’t able to go out like we had planned, because I was sick, I did get her a birthday gift. It was a silly gift to begin with. A month or so ago I had found a coloring book with a Unicorn on the front and thought “I have to get this for Twi-Whore! Oh and I can give it to her for her birthday.”

It kind of stemmed from there. I thought why not get her a bunch of silly things from our favourite Twi-Fics? The first is Unicorns of course from Wide Awake. Next I thought, ooh! Cupcakes! Clipped Wings and Inked Armor Tattward loves cupcakes, so I desperately searched for something cupcakey, and I found the card. After that was Emancipation Proclimation. I thought about buying her handcuffs for the chapter where Carlisle handcuffs Bella, but thought that wasn’t such a nice way to appreciate the story, so then came the idea of the Toblerone. Much better! You can’t go wrong with chocolate.

So that left Tropic of Virgo and Tropic of Gemini. Seeing as Edward doesn’t have many things that he’s crazy about, and I knew it would be a challenge to find thigh high stripey socks, I thought of Alice. Harmonicas! And let me tell you it was not easy to find one! I looked at every Dollar Store in town (and we have a lot) and only one store carries them, plus it was the last one! To top it off I finally found the New Moon Sweethearts! Of course I had to get the Edward one for her. I mean what kind of Twi-friend would I be if I didn’t?

As soon as she opened it she totally knew what everything was for, of course! I couldn’t think of a better gift*, silly as it may be, that summed up our friendship and love for all things Twilight. I hope you had a fabulous Twi-filled birthday Twi-Whore, you’re the Twi-Whore-iest!

*RPattz would obviously be the best gift possible, but chances are we’d just end up fighting over him and frightening the poor guy to death.

Twilight Tuesday

I know I’m late to the party with this, but I really wanted to give my take on the whole Wide Awake Epilogue. First of all, I love Wide Awake, it was the first fic I read, and if it ever gets published I will be one of the first people in my town to go buy it. That being said, I was a bit disappointed in the highly awaited epilogue. It’s all anyone could talk about for months now, and I think all the hype leading up to it made it have a bit of a let down.

As always it was very well written, but it just didn’t seem to have that je ne sais quoi to it. Yes they still have stuff to work through. Yes with both of their conditions it’s not going to be easy. But should she have left Elizabeth alone when Edward returned from Chicago? My answer is yes. Definitely. Edward was already moving forward and so was Bella. To bring him back to that crumpled and pained point, in my opinion, was pointless. I would have loved to see them moving forward, to see what it was like for them in college and real life. I did think it was nice however that he did take her to the cemetary to “visit” his parents and “meet” them. I think it was very realistic to do that.

The wedding with Carlisle and Esme was good add in, and the fact that Bella wanted to hug Carlisle after, and even carried it through was really great to show how far she’d come. Of course Jasper was great, even though he wasn’t in it much other than asking for a bra for a slingshot and at the wedding, and knowing that Emmett and Rose were having a baby was a nice touch.

I didn’t care much for the backhanded marriage proposal even though “it’s a given”. The gazebo was a good metaphor for their relationship though. Even though it’s not pretty sometimes, and gets weeds and things growing all over it, you can always clean it up and make it beautiful again, just like our Bella and Edward.

So even though the story is complete and finished, for me it was concluded with this sentence:

But there’d be only acceptance—never shame—in being two divine failures as we emerged from slumber, perfectly flawed, and wide awake.

To me, that is the perfect ending to a fabulous story. Thank you angstgoddess003, for your exquisite story, no matter what I, or anyone, thinks of the Epilogue.