It’s been a while since I’ve had my regular posting schedule, but I’m just not into it any more. Things are slow here at the moment, and summer is finally underway, leaving me lazy and complacent.

Plus, after three years of almost daily posting, I think it’s time to put a hold on things.

This isn’t good-bye. It’s more, laters baby.


Things I Love Thursday

  • That there’s only two more weeks till the final Harry Potter movie.
  • Pink Lemonade ice cream.
  • That I’m two days from the half point mark in the 365 Photo Challenge.
  • That the wait is over for True Blood Season 4!
  • The Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Summer Blockbusters.

  1. What transformation do you undergo on summer Fridays at midnight? Maybe rolling over in my sleep?
  2. What super power do the kids in your neighborhood seem to have? Extra loud, annoying voices.
  3. Who (or what!) is your nemesis in these warm summer days? No air conditioning.
  4. What is your trustiest weapon against the evil heat monster? Air conditioning.
  5. What seems to be invading your life lately, and how will you fend it off? Boredom. I’m really not sure how to fend it off.

Thanks for participating, and have a sweet, tall, icy, fruity, refreshing weekend!

Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Around the House.

  1. Of the products you use just to keep yourself clean and presentable, what seems to be the most overpriced? My moisturizer.
  2. Where in your house is a reliable place to get a few quarters? My husband’s wallet.
  3. A rare yes-or-no question on Friday 5: Have you ever dropped your cell phone onto your face? Yes.
  4. What did you last take out of your freezer? A croissant.
  5. How many rolls of wrapping paper do you have in your house? At least ten. Maybe more.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend!