The Joys of Pinterest

If anyone follows me on Pinterest you’ll know I love food. I’ve gotten back into cooking and baking in the last few months, mostly thanks to watching cooking shows, and Pinterest. I have to admit, I’m slightly highly addicted to Pinning. Makeup, hair, house hold projects, etc., but mostly food.

There’s something about seeing a beautiful photograph that grabs you, and saying “I’m going to make that!” Often, I don’t make many of the foods I pin, but it’s more like, I want to try them. So it’s a sort of bookmark to save for a later time. But sometimes, sometimes I see something and just need to make it!

Like these Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars. I saw them and knew I had to make them. The recipe is from The Girl Who Ate Everything, who says the recipe is originally from Paula Deen. (That explains the nearly one pound of butter.)

They were ridiculously easy to make, but it was the waiting after they were baked part that was hard. Drizzling the caramel on top made my mouth water, and I wanted so badly to just cut them up straight from the oven and shove them in my mouth. Obviously that would have been a bad idea, and I impatiently patiently waited for them to cool and stuck them in the fridge instead.

When they were cooled and cut, oh my god were they good! They tasted even better than the photo looked, oozing with caramel, and the crunch from the streussel mixed with the creaminess of the cheesecake, made for a little bite of heaven.

While I may not make these very often, I’ll definitely be making them again. I think they’d be perfect for a party or even a potluck. A little goes a long way with these.


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