Twilight Tuesday

Recently, I’ve noticed how much more trendy vampires and werewolves are becoming. I know they’ve been trendy for a few years now, thanks to Twilight, but lately it seems that every new movie or tv show is about them.

I’ve never much been into the whole supernatural crowd, but not long ago, I’ve found myself slowly filtering them into my viewings. Even the books I’ve been reading have started to stem from that side of the literary world. Faeries, zombies, angels and demon hunters, things of that nature.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m into all things vampire, which I never was, but if there’s a new show on and it involves them, it generally catches my eye. Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Being Human, all vampire shows, and shows I love.

The movies, however, I can do without. I can’t handle scary movies, and other than Twilight, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Interview With the Vampire, I’m really not a vampire movie lover either.

So give me books about the supernatural, tv shows based on vampires, and skip the movies. Throw in some popcorn and a bottle of wine, and I’m a happy girl.


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