Of Cereal Killers and FBI Agents

A conversation with my niece the other day went like this:

Shayla: Sometimes we play by the FBI bins at school.

Me: You mean BFI?

Shayla: Ok.

Me: Do you know what FBI is?

Shayla: No.

Me: Really? They’re like special cops. They catch serial killers.

Shayla: Cereal? Like Cheerios?

Me: No. Like people who kill…

Shayla: Cereal!

Me: No! People who kill other people in patterns.

Shayla: Do you like Cheerios?

Me: No.

Shayla: Cause you don’t like milk?

Me: No. Cause it’s gross.

Shayla: Do you like cereal?

Me: Some. I like Froot Loops without milk.

Austin: Me too!


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