Me + You + No Baby = Free

I’ve touched on this subject before. For the longest time, I wanted kids. Desperately. It was years before we decided enough was enough, and let the thought go. It was a couple more years before I was ok with it.

Now that I am, I’m so happy to not have children. In reality, I love my nieces and nephews, but absolutely hate kids. There’s something about them being “mine” that makes them ok, but I have no tolerance for others.

I’ve also realised that not having kids has its perks. No getting up for school to get them ready in the morning, no extra grocery and clothing bills, no extra expense to go out because we need a babysitter. We’re a couple without children and get to design our lives to our whim.

And while we may not get the additional joys that come with having kids, we do get to share in them with our niece and nephew that live across the street. Steve got to take Austin to his very first NHL game, which is such a special event for the two of them to share together.

And yes, while I pined away my 20’s hoping and praying for a baby, I’m spending my 30’s glad that it never came.


One thought on “Me + You + No Baby = Free

  1. woohoo to being child free! yes, you’re saving loads of money and loads of stress and can get joy from nieces and nephews.

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