Twilight Tuesday

I’m going to Forks! Tomorrow! Well, we don’t actually get there till Friday, but still, I can’t believe how fast the time went. From when we first started talking about it, to planning it, and now, to actually going!

Twi-Whore and I are staying in the Pacific Inn Motel while we’re there, and obviously, are staying in a Twilight themed room.  The only question is, who gets to sleep in the Edward bed?

Actual conversation between Twi-Whore and myself:

Me: So…I have a question. Not that it matters. But you know we’re going to argue about who gets to sleep in what bed, right?

TW: I know. We could do two nights in each?

Me: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Not that it really matters.

TW: It really doesn’t.

Me: But you know we’ll argue about it anyways.

TW: We really will. Even though it’s stupid and doesn’t really make a difference.

Me: It doesn’t make a difference. But I want to sleep under Edward too. Mmm…sleeping under Edward.

Then we both kind of got lost in our own little world thinking about sleeping under Edward, or on Edward, or with Edward in general.


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