Twilight Tuesday

So, I’ve mentioned that I’ve gotten back into reading fics again. Unfortunately, as much as I hate reading WIP’s, I’ve started about four of them.

Blame it on Rio, is ridiculously funny and reminds me of Hunterhunting’s MoBS. DoUTrustMe’s Bella is witty, funny, clumsy and adorable. Drunk, no filter, Bella is total win.

Between Pleasure and Pain, is a BDSM fic with tons of juicy lemons. Nothing funny or witty with this one but if you just want some hot BDSM lemons, then this is where to look.

Our Lives Unbound, is another BDSM fic, but with a bit more substance. A sweet fantastic story that’s well written. A little different than usual, with a female Dom and a male sub. The stutter kind of threw me off but after I got into it, I found it kind of endearing. Obviously lemons abound in this one aswell.

We Were Here, by lola-pops, is another great find. Much like Summer of Salt, the writing takes on a different feel. It’s heavier without being too angsty. The inner monologues are well written and the characters have substance.

Lastly, I just finished The Discovery of Bella Swan by mskathy. This was the first fic of hers that I’ve read, and I have to say, the girl can write! I loved how it wasn’t pure fluff, but there wasn’t any real angst to it either. The non-canon pairings in the beginning were a nice change and the femme slash was fantastic. What I really liked though, was that I actually liked Tanya. Not an easy feat to accomplish.

I think I’m on a pretty good roll this time around. Now I have to wait for them all to update, that’s the hard part.


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