Twilight Tuesday

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. A bit might even be pushing it. I’m really a huge hypochondriac. Someone near me gets sick and I go into a panic that I’m going to catch it. The technical term is Pathophobia, the fear of disease. I’m self diagnosed obviously.

The real secret is that I get worried that I’ll get sick, even from hearing about people getting sick, even if I’ve been nowhere near them. Even more embarrassing is I get that feeling from hearing people say they’re sick on tv, through the internet or even phone. I mean really, tv? First, they’re acting. Second, it’s tv! I know it’s pathetic, but what can I do?

It must be so easy being a vampire. You needn’t worry about disease, or germs; only where your next meal is coming from. And if those people have an illness, it doesn’t make a difference, and you’re doing the world a favour and helping rid it of disease, one cadaver at a time.

Honestly though, I think even then, I’d still be paranoid.


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