Twilight Tuesday

Yesterday was Valentines Day, a day for love, sneaking furtive glances, pda’s and all the icky, lovey stuff. I spent a good part of it however, in a hospital room. Thankfully it wasn’t me that was in the hospital. Unfortunately, it was Twi-Whore.

She had been fretting about a pain in her abdomen for almost a week now and finally she had had enough and was admitted to the hospital. We thought it was gall stones, but seems now to be something with her liver as well.

A week or so ago we had decided to spend Valentines together, because Steve was working and she had nothing to do. We were going to have a nice romantic dinner, some wine and watch squishy girl movies in our sexy lingerie, because, well, why not? Instead we postponed our date and she had to stay at the hospital, without a Dr. Cullen in sight. Poor Twi-Whore.

So being the fantastic friend that I am, I went and bought her some treats for V-Day. A teddy bear with a cupcake, some Twilight stickers, a magazine so she wouldn’t get bored, a sleep mask so she can sleep better with all the lights being flicked on, and the best of all, a Twilight card, with Edward talking. Not quite as good as the real thing, but let’s face it. If I actually had the real thing, am I really going to share? I doubt it. I also doubt she would either. We’re nice like that.

So as of right now, they’re still doing tests and trying to figure it all out. They say the abnormalities in her liver are going away and that she should be out today at some point. I just hope that she’ll be good to go in three weeks to Fooorrks!

Holy shit! Only three weeks to go! Squee!


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