Twilight Tuesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve started or even read any kind of fic, other than MotU of course. So it was kind of exciting when I stumbled upon High Anxiety.

I devoured it. In just over a week I read all 45 chapters, taking a break only when it got too angsty for me. Nevertheless, finish it I did. I could have done without the epilogue, however it was a bittersweet, non-traditional happily ever after.

It was after that, that I realized I’m, what we in the fandom, consider a Wussperv. A little angst is ok, but more than that and I’ll gladly pass.

So now it’s onwards and upwards to some fluff. I’ve started a couple of fluffy fics, including, Blame it on Rio, which is unfortunately a WIP, and also, How My Life Was Ruined in 14 Days, which is complete. Yay!

So here’s to some Wussperv friendly, fluffy, lemony goodness.


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