Twilight Tuesday

I’m very disappointed in Mama Twi-Whore. A couple of weeks ago, when Twi-Whore was over, she gleefully reached in her bag and pulled out a little piece of awesome.

MTW had bought her a fan made Edward ornament on eBay. And not just a shitty, creepy, weird-looking Edward ornament either. It’s Eclipse Edward, Edward at his best really, photo wise, and put on a pretty ceramic heart.

Now, I love my Twilight ornament, but let’s face it, he really doesn’t look like Edward. Plus Bella’s on there, and why would we want her on an ornament? What I can’t figure out, was what was MTW thinking when she bought it? And more importantly, why didn’t she buy me one?! I need one!

I guess it’s a good thing Christmas is long gone at this point, and I’ll just have to look at Twi-Whore’s when I go to her house. And if MTW ever buys one again, she now knows to get two.


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