Twilight Tuesday

The other day on the Twitter, people were playing, mfk (marry, fuck or kill) with ficwards. I thought OMG how fun is that?! But do I really have to kill one of them? I guess, if I must, I must. So onwards and upwards. *giggle*

Here’s my few that I came up with:

Between Tropic of Virgo Edward, Beautiful Bastard from The Office, and Boobsward from Hide and Drink.

M: ToV

F: BB 

K: Boobsward

Between 50, Tarasueme’s Domward and Gynazole E.

F: 50

M: Domward

K: Gynazole E

Between CWaIA Tattward, MoBS Hockeyward, and Wide Awake E.

F: Tattward

M: Hockeyward

K: Wide Awake E

Between Summer of Salt Dickward, EP Mafia Princeward, and Creature of Habit OCDward

F: Mafia Princeward

M: Dickward

K: OCDward

Twi-Whore did a couple too.

Between Hockeyward, Beautiful Bastard and SoS Dickward

F: Hockeyward


K: Dickward

Between ToV, Gynazole and Lost Boys E.

M: ToV

F: Lost Boys

K: Gynazole E

I’m sure we could go on forever playing this but I’ll end it there. And if I had to pick just one to do all three to, I’d have to go with Tattward from CWaIA.


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