Twilight Tuesday

For Christmas, Twi-Whore and I did a gift exchange. We both had agreed to try as hard as we could to not buy anything Twilighty. While Twi-Whore did really well with it, by getting me a wine rack, a nice bottle of wine, a Scentsy Travel Tin, and a cool shoe calendar, I however, did not.

I started out well, with a cupcake apron and reusable cupcake bag, but then I made a stop into one store and picked up an Edward peanut butter chocolate bar and tin of Vampire Band aids. Not a big deal right? And I had to get it, because it’s perfect.

So on to more shopping for Twi-Whore. I picked up a bookmark for her, which was so cute! But then, I saw the Team Edward water bottles and had to pick that up too. After I looked at everything I had gotten her, I realized that only one thing wasn’t Twi related. Oops. I failed miserably. But I couldn’t help myself, and it’s not like she didn’t like any of it

Plus, now she can bring her water bottle to Forks with her. See, I was thinking ahead!


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