Twilight Tuesday

I was thinking about Breaking Dawn the other day while I was cooking, when an errant thought went through my head. The last thing Bella ate before she turned was either blood, or eggs. What a shitty last meal. Then it got me to wondering, if circumstances were different, would she have had a real last meal? And from there, what would I have? That’s such a hard question to answer.

Well what about some fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Steve and I have had those conversations before while watching movies or shows, about death row, and the people get to request some sort of last meal. They always seem to be so strange. Take for instance this one found here.

3 beef enchiladas with onions, 3 cheese enchiladas with onions, Spanish rice, bowl of jalapenos, french fries, cheeseburger all the way, bowl of mayonnaise, bowl of ketchup, bowl of pico de gallo, 3 Dr. Peppers, pitcher of ice, banana split ice cream, and 4 quesadillas. – Miguel Flores

I think what I find most disturbing is the bowl of mayonnaise. I mean really? Who needs a whole bowl full of mayo? I also find it interesting that most of the ones I’ve come across have asked for Dr.Pepper or milk.

So, maybe eggs and blood weren’t such a bad alternative compared to a bowl of mayonnaise, Dr. Pepper and milk. Then again, I think I know what I’d rather have.

Yes please!


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