I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while now, but have been bordering depression for the last couple weeks because of it and I didn’t want to sound, or be whiney. There’s nothing I hate more than people whining about this or that on blogs or social media sites.

I’ve been having girl related issues for the past two + months (besides my regular reproductive issues), and have seen the doctor about it a couple of times. He’s referred me to a gynecologist and unfortunately, I won’t be getting an appointment till March. Not a good time seeing as I’ll be in Foooorrks for the majority of the month.

My doctor has put me on birth control, only to regulate me, seeing as it’s not necessary for me to use it for anything else it’s designed for. Anyways. When I go see the gyno, I’m not sure what I want done. I definitely don’t want to have to deal with a period anymore and I don’t want to be on the pill long-term. Neither serves me any purpose, and more than anything, it’s just an annoyance. I’ve done a lot of research on having an ablation and having a partial hysterectomy.

The concerns with the ablation are, they tend to not be permanent, and the issues can come back worse than before having the procedure. Also there’s no guarantee that it will work and that it will completely stop menstruation. Positives are that there’s little to no recovery time, it’s not a serious operation, and most people go back to normal life within a couple of days if not the same day. My concerns with a hysterectomy, are mainly the recovery time, which is upwards of six weeks, and the possible loss of my sex drive.

As of three or four weeks ago I was all for the hysterectomy. Just rip it out and get it over with. If I could do it myself I would have right then and there. Now, I think I’m leaning towards the ablation. I’ll obviously have to talk to my gynecologist first to make an informed decision, but at this very moment, my sex drive is top priority. The way I see it, an ablation is the first step. Something else can always be done. A hysterectomy is permanent and can never be reversed.

Mainly I just want all this shit dealt with and gone. Hopefully by the middle of next year I won’t have to deal with it anymore.


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