Twilight Tuesday

On Friday evening, Twi-Whore and I went Wal-Mart for the midnight release of Eclipse. I had gone to the last one by myself for New Moon, and it was busy, so naturally I figured this time it would be as well, so we went early. Wow, was I wrong. We were second in line, which didn’t even form till around 11:55ish.

The next day we planned to watch all three Twilight movies at Twi-Whore’s, as is our tradition. (We do the “Twi Parties” at my house, and the DVD releases at hers.) We had our menu planned, which consisted of our usuals, baked brie with caramelized onions and baguette, Oriental Party Pack from M and M’s, and an artichoke and Asiago dip. It was delicious, obviously.

We sat down around 1:00 to start Twilight, with the agreement that we would watch all three films the whole way through, with little rewinding. Surprisingly, we did it! We watched both Twilight and New Moon the whole way through, without skipping parts (baseball and fight scene in Twilight for me, and after Edward leaves till Alice arrives in New Moon for Twi-Whore), and we both really enjoyed them! It had been so long for the both of us, since we watched them that it was almost like the first second time again. We both squeed at all the right parts, and groaned at all the wrong awful parts (most of Twilight).

Then it was time for Eclipse! I made Twi-Whore watch the previews, just incase, you never know, maybe they would show one for Bel Ami. As we later learned, they did not. Instead, for the squillionth time, they had a preview for Letters to Juliette. I swear if I ever see that preview again, I will kill someone. We got about half way through when Twi-Whore started falling asleep. I tried the best I could to keep her awake but figured I’d just leave it be, and she ended up sleeping through the fight scene. I woke her when it was over and she stayed awake for the rest of the movie. The next day we came back to my house for a True Blood marathon, and finally finished Season 3.

Now we have a long, hard wait, for just under a year till Breaking Dawn Part One, is finally released. And I’ve decided I’m going to be a giant whore and read and look at anything I can find pertaining to it. So, here’s to whoring it up for Breaking Dawn!


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