Friday 5

Hello, welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Saving.

  1. When dining out, do you usually save room for dessert? Not unless I’m at Cheesecake Cafe. Even then I get the cheesecake to go.
  2. How do you feel about saving places in line or saving seats in theaters? Fine.
  3. What’s one thing you did to save money this past year? Not much.
  4. Besides money, what’s something you’re saving for later? A nice bottle of wine.
  5. In what way did you recently save the best for last? Probably chocolates.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend and a happy new year! What? 2011?!


Things I Love Thursday

  • Getting everyone together for a fantastic Christmas
  • Having my house smell like Cinnamon
  • Finally getting my Christmas decorations down
  • Playing old school Mario on the Wii. I never was much good at rescuing the Princess though.
  • Shopping online on Christmas day
  • Deciding that next year, Christmas will be spent at my mom’s house
  • Watching the kids rock out on their Paper Jamz

Twilight Tuesday

I have a sad. Twi-Whore has decided to stave off fan fics.

I’ve tried for so long now to get her to start reading MotU II, but she kept resisting, and finally the other day revealed that she didn’t think she’d read it at all. I really wanted her to read it before we went to Fooorks!, and tried to take a tour of Escala, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

She’s also given up on the rest of the fics that she had started, and I totally get it, but it makes me so sad. When something exciting happens in it, it’s nice to be able to talk about it with someone, and really, who else do I have? Plus, it’s just a continuation of a story, not a brand new one.

But who can resist Fifty? I know I can’t! I squee whenever there’s an update, which isn’t often enough for me. What surprises me, is that we’ve read a lot of good fics, and a lot of shitty fics. But she stuck with the shitty fics, mostly.

They could have at least spelled definitely right.

So now, I have three months left to try and convince her to read the current, 17 chapters, of MotU II before we head off to visit Fifty in his natural habitat. RRoP ftw!

And It Was Magical

It’s no secret, I’ve been feeling Grinchy lately. Christmas spirit is harder and harder for me to come by these last few years. I’ve been trying as hard as I can to capture that feeling. Finally, I found it!

I was laying in bed, trying to nap, when all of a sudden, it tapped me on the shoulder and said “Here I am.”

And I felt it. It was like Christmas was here all along, hiding around the corner just waiting for me to find it. So I embraced it and we went along our Merry way.

Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we. Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart and hand in hand.

And I didn’t even have to die trying.

Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Condiments.

  1. What’s something that demands ketchup? Eggs
  2. What’s the best thing to do with the leftover packets of cheese and red-pepper flakes you get with pizza delivery? Throw the pepper flakes out and use the cheese on anything else.
  3. What’s something (besides salad) that’s good with salad dressing? Chicken
  4. What’s a condiment you’re especially brand-loyal to? Mayonnaise and Ketchup
  5. What’s the weirdest use of condiments you’ve seen by other people? Steve puts sour cream, ketchup and hot sauce on his hash browns and eggs at the same time. It’s disgusting.

Thanks for participating, and mayo weekend be experienced with relish!