Twilight Tuesday

On Wednesday last week, I had the kids for a sleep over because their parents both had to work, and they didn’t have school, again. Parent Teacher interviews I think.

So to keep them occupied I let them decorate the downstairs “fun” tree. All by themselves. That’s a huge step for me, being the control freak that I am. They actually did a pretty good job, and by the time it came to putting the fun ornaments on they were all into it.

I have lots of different fun ornaments ranging from Gingerbread Men to Coffee to Underwear. The kids favourites are the Simpsons ornaments and the Christmas Story leg lamp and talking crate.

This year for our yearly ornament I got the Twilight one from Hallmark. *insert squee* It has Edward and Bella, and while it doesn’t really look like them, you can still tell who it is.

All Austin kept saying was how he didn’t want to hang it himself because he hates Edward and thinks he’s ugly. While I admit the ornament isn’t very attractive, (he looks constipated and she looks Jewish) I still had to get it, just because of what it was. I wish there were a different Twilight themed one, like maybe the Cullen crest or a book or something. Really anything that doesn’t have Bella on it would be great.

But other than the real Edward, what could be better than having him hanging on your tree for Christmas?


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