It Needs to Be Fresh

I want to have an affair. With my husband.

Let’s face it, things can get a little, I guess you could say, predictable after this many years. I miss that feeling of something new, and exciting, and fresh, and unknown. We have a great relationship, don’t get me wrong, but comfortable, and stale, and predictable were never words I wanted to utter in the same sentence.

The thing is, how do you go about having an affair, with someone you live with and have been in a relationship with for over 14 years? Our date nights always end up the same, dinner out and a movie, or take out and a movie at home.

I want passion, and romance, and more passion! Surprise me, grab my hand and don’t let go, act like a horny teenager, kiss me like you mean it while we’re in public, no matter who’s watching.

So let’s try. Let’s try to keep it fresh, and exciting, and new. Let’s have an affair, with each other.


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