Twilight Tuesday

We. Are. Dorks. I freely admit it.

The other day, Twi-Whore and I were out shopping for stuff for her birthday party that I’m planning, when we went to Pier 1. We were browsing the dishes and things, when I peeked around a corner. Sitting against a shelf was a giant fork and spoon. I dragged her over and picked up the fork and yelled “Foooorrrrks!” She laughed, naturally, and I had said it was too bad that I didn’t have my camera.

Well guess who just so happened to throw her camera in her bag that morning? If you guessed Twi-Whore, you’d be right. So we stood there, in the middle of Pier 1, holding a giant fork, taking photos of ourselves.

My version of American Gothic

Twi-Whore's version of American Gothic

I did mention that we’re dorks right?


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