I Finally Got That Feeling

You know, that one that comes with snow, and cold weather, and cozying up by a fireplace with a hot chocolate, maybe with some Baileys in it? Yeah, that one! Winter finally showed its ugly head on Tuesday, and dumped a huge snowfall on us. And it’s beautiful! It gave me that much-needed boost into feeling Christmassy, and wanting to put up my tree and decorations. Generally I put them up the day or so after Remembrance Day, but this year I just wasn’t into it. I think it was the warm weather.

I changed my tree location this year and stuck it front and center in between the living room and dining room. I had to move my dishwasher and table around, but it’s much better this way than it was last year. It’s really the focus of the room as it should be. Other than that, pretty much everything is the same. I changed my table top this year to a platter with little wrapped gifts and tiny balls, and put my cone trees on a ledge in the living room.

Downstairs isn’t decorated yet, seeing as I still have to clean down there, but I’m planning on doing it on Thursday when I have the kids for the day. It’s the fun tree so they can help, and it’ll keep them occupied for most of the morning (I hope).

Then all I need to do is wrap gifts, put them under the tree, and relax till Christmas comes. Done!


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