There’s Two

Yesterday, Steve and I bought new laptops. Yes, that’s plural, we have two! No more fighting over the computer, no more waiting for the other person to be done “in a few minutes”. We can browse at the same time in peace.

We’ve upgraded to Windows 7, and so far it’s great. I’m loving the desktop themes and being able to download new ones. We both have webcams in our laptops and among other things they’re a huge step up from what we were using before.

His is a black Compaq, and mine is a shiny white Toshiba. I’m loving having a number pad again also. It was such a pain having to use the numbers above the keypad. I even managed to get all my music from my iTunes transferred over, it was no easy feat, but I did it! And without any help to boot.

Now the trouble will be being available at the same time to watch shows together, then again, that’s what the DVR is for right?


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