Twilight Tuesday

We’re still in somewhat of a drought. And it sucks. There haven’t been any new photos (other than from the set of Breaking Dawn, the jumping pics are my favourite!) or new movies with the precious in what seems like ages. So imagine my surprise when I got an email from Blockbuster saying there’s a new movie, starring Robert Pattinson! Commence squeeing. So Twi-Whore and I made a date to watch Love and Distrust and if we had time, Twilight in Forks.

We wondered how we hadn’t heard of the movie, because we were certain we’d seen all the movies he had been in up till Twilight, or at least heard of them. It baffled me to no end.

We sat down to watch the movie, and Twi-Whore pointed out that Talulah Riley was in The Summer House with Robert Pattinson. What a strange coincidence. Even stranger is that the credits in the beginning had their names and the title “The Summer House” listed. Odd, we thought.

Turns out, the movie is a bunch of short films, with get this, The Summer House in it! I was so mad. Not only because it was completely misleading but also because we paid an extra $6 for something we’d already seen, was only 15 minutes long, made no sense, and that he was only in for all of 2 minutes!

To make it worse, Blockbuster doesn’t have the same policy that Movie Gallery had, where if you don’t like a movie you can exchange it for a different one. Dirty pool Blockbuster, dirty pool.


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