Twilight Tuesday

On Thursday, I finally went to get my passport done! Woo hoo! Photos were taken the week before and the forms were all filled out. I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed.

I went to the passport office and the lady was super nice but told me I needed to retake my photos because they were too small. Whatever that means.

So back to Superstore I went, waited an hour to get an appointment, pin my hair back and didn’t smile for the camera. Dammit! I was showing teeth. So I took them again and they were fine. Actually they looked better than the picture on my license.

Next was over to Twi-Whore’s to get her to sign them, seeing as she’s my guarantor, then back to the passport office. I only had to wait another 10-15 minutes, which isn’t too bad for a government office, and my name was called.

Again, the lady was very friendly, but shaky in a Katherine Hepburn way, which was weird. With a few adjustments to the form, and a check of the photos, I am now $87 poorer and one passport richer! I should receive it somewhere in the middle of December and be one step closer to Fooorrrks!

I can almost smell the fresh Washington air now. Mmmm.


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