Twilight Tuesday

It’s official! The dates are set and hotels are booked. Twi-Whore and I are headed to Forks! On March 9th we start our journey and are stopping in Spokane for two nights before the big drive to Forks, WA on the 11th.

We’re staying in a Twilight themed room for four nights, during which time we’ll be checking out the Hoh rainforest, First beach at La Push, the Twilight Lounge, among many other things. We’re planning to go for dinner in Port Angeles at La Bella Italia, and maybe take a scary walk down a dark alley to see if a sparkley someone will come to our rescue.

The 15th takes us to Seattle, where we plan on doing lots of touristy stuff, like visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, do an underground tour, and check out Fifty’s pad. I’m also going to be meeting up with my friend Ben, who I’m so excited to finally meet!

It still seems surreal, even though it’s still 4 months away, that we’re actually going. Only 133 days left to go!


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