Twilight Tuesday

Yesterday, Twi-Whore and I were wandering town, looking for party planning decorations and inspiration for her 30th birthday, when we happened upon a party store.

There was really nothing in the store, per say, for her party, but there was a certain something that caught my eye. Jackson. Rathbone. Or his doppelgänger at least.

This guy, looked, talked, and acted just like Jackson! All he needed was a hair cut, color, and a guitar with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and he would have been identical!

I was completely fixated on him while we were talking about a cotton candy machine, and I hope he didn’t notice if I was staring slack-jawed at him. It took everything in my power to not tell Twi-Whore while we stood there chatting. 

After we left the store I told her who he looked like, and something clicked and she totally agreed. She couldn’t quite place it but knew he looked like someone.

If I’d had my camera on me, instead of in the car, I would have found a way to take a picture of him. Maybe ask him to hold something up so I could photograph it. But either way, I may just be going into that store a whole lot more often.


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