Twilight Tuesday

It was Thanksgiving this weekend up in this end of the world, so our friends invited us over to partake in turkey dinner on Saturday night. Of course we gladly accepted, Steve, never being one to turn down the prospect of turkey.

Just for the record, these are the friends that don’t really know about my huge Twilight obsession.

While we were there, the wife started flicking through the tv guide, checking what movies were playing, when she stopped, Twilight was on the screen. As soon as I saw it I squeed. Out loud. Quietly-ish, but still, out loud. Thankfully, no one but Steve noticed. I could tell he did because he rolled his eyes at me.

As the evening went on, we talked about the upcoming Harry Potter movie, discussed Halloween, and the boys talked hockey. New tv shows were brought up, and out came my Twitardedness. I talked about Jackson Rathbone, and how he’s going to be guest starring in a new show, about Nurse Jackie with none other than Peter Facinelli, and about Kristen Stewart because lucky for me *rolls eyes* Panic Room just happened to be on. Seriously. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

I really don’t want them to know the depths of my Twi-obsession lest they judge me. And really, could I blame them if they did? Not in the least!

I miss Twi-Whore already.


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