Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5 are brought to you courtesy of the letter F, and the number 5…Can you tell me how to get…

  1. Do you watch/did you watch Sesame Street? When I was a kid I did.
  2. Who is your favourite Muppet character? Grover. Always Grover.
  3. Who is your favourite human character? Mr. Hooper? Was that his name?
  4. What is your favourite Sesame Street song? The ladybug picnic.
  5. When you have children, will you let them watch Sesame Street?If I had children I would.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Dr Scholl’s Fast Flats. Seriously the best idea ever, and so comfortable!
  • Glee’s rendition of Toucha Touch Me. Rocky Horror Picture Show ftw!
  • The Rocky Horror track pack for Guitar Hero. So fun! Time Warp anyone?
  • That Twi-Whore loves The Hunger Games just as much as I did.
  • Avocado and tomato stuffed chicken. Yum!
  • Twi-Whore’s birthday invitations. So cool!

Twilight Tuesday

It’s official! The dates are set and hotels are booked. Twi-Whore and I are headed to Forks! On March 9th we start our journey and are stopping in Spokane for two nights before the big drive to Forks, WA on the 11th.

We’re staying in a Twilight themed room for four nights, during which time we’ll be checking out the Hoh rainforest, First beach at La Push, the Twilight Lounge, among many other things. We’re planning to go for dinner in Port Angeles at La Bella Italia, and maybe take a scary walk down a dark alley to see if a sparkley someone will come to our rescue.

The 15th takes us to Seattle, where we plan on doing lots of touristy stuff, like visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, do an underground tour, and check out Fifty’s pad. I’m also going to be meeting up with my friend Ben, who I’m so excited to finally meet!

It still seems surreal, even though it’s still 4 months away, that we’re actually going. Only 133 days left to go!

A Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Stacey,

You probably won’t listen to this, either because a) you’re too stubborn, b) you think you know everything, c) you’re a teen who thinks they’re too above it all, or, d) all of the above. Probably d.

First I know you think you’re fat. Trust me, you’re not. You won’t get fat till you’re at least 19. Enjoy your thinness while you can. Wear that bikini, show off your thin curvy body, flaunt your perky (till 16) boobs. Oh, and please throw out your gigantic yellow pants. Everyone will thank you for that.

Don’t worry about getting pregnant. You won’t. Ever. And it’s ok. And don’t worry about having a boyfriend that only lasts for two weeks because you feel nothing for him. You’ll fall in love with the most wonderful man when you’re 17 anyways.

Be social! Don’t limit yourself to only a few friends, you’ll regret it later in life. And don’t think that someone can dictate who your friends can be. They can’t. Ever.

You’re a pot head. But only for your highschool career and that’s ok. Like most things it doesn’t last. Enjoy it while you can. You’ll have fun stories to tell when you get older. Besides, being high is way more fun than drinking, it helps you sleep, your mom will never find out (unless you tell her), and you don’t get a hangover in the morning. It’s all win!

Visit with your dad as much as possible, or not at all. He won’t be in touch with you once you grow up anyways. But you kind of knew that anyways didn’t you?

Speak your mind! You always stifle yourself so as not to upset others. You’re an opinionated person and your thoughts should be heard. They’re of worth and so are you.

It’s ok to be dorky. Embrace your inner geek, the part of you that wants to spend all weekend holed up in the basement playing Zelda. Others may not think it’s cool, but to you it is, and that’s what counts.

Finally, accept yourself for who you are, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


The future you.

Mmm is for Margarita

What’s better than a margarita and cheesecake? Margarita cheesecake! I was looking for an easy cheesecake recipe and came across this one. I decided to give it a tweak and add tequila as well as lime cordial instead of frozen margarita concentrate.

The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of thawed margarita concentrate lime cordial, but I decided to add 1/2 cup of the lime cordial with some tequila to round it out and give it that extra limey flavor. Plus I used a spring form pan instead of a pre baked crust.

The cheesecake turned out perfectly without any cracks upon settling. It’s creamy, sweet, rich and delicious and has just a hint of tequila. Mmm.

Friday 5

Welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Holy Moly.

  1. What gives you the heebie-jeebies? Bugs, any kind of bug.
  2. When were you most recently in double trouble? I have no idea.
  3. What puts you in the mood for some hanky-panky? Anything, porn, book porn, RPattz…mmm. 
  4. What easy-breezy task is still a pain in the neck to accomplish? Sweeping.
  5. What area in your life seems especially rife with mumbo-jumbo? I really couldn’t say.

Thanks for participating, and have a mellow yellow, okie dokie, tutti-frutti weekend!