Curves Are Sexy

Up until recently, I haven’t been comfortable in my fluffy, over sized body. It has lumps and bumps and wobbly bits. But now, I’m mostly comfortable in my own skin.

I’m the girl who has lots of lingerie, buying it with every intention of wearing it, but never does. Bustiers, nighties, negligees, camis and panties, I even have shoes with feathers, but wearing any of it always seems silly. I mean what’s the point? They’re on for all of 10 seconds before someone rips them off and they’re lying on the floor in a heap.

So I decided to do something. For myself, and for my husband. Something fun, and silly, and hopefully sexy. I decided to take boudoir photos of myself. By myself. This was my red dress moment.

Let me just say that it was not thought out well, and proved to be extremely difficult. I do have a good DSLR, so focusing was not a problem at all. The problem was that after I tarted myself up in my skimpiest outfit, I had to run back and forth between the camera on the tripod, set the 10 second (!) self timer (each time), and run back to the bed to pose, and try to look sexy doing it. Not an easy feat when you don’t own a remote.

Angles were hard to get, let alone covering all the aforementioned wobbly bits. So I enlisted my sister-in-law. Now before you go saying I’m brave to let others see me in this state, I’ll tell you that we’ve known each other since we were seven. We have a strong relationship, and she’s about the only other person, other than my husband that I’d even think about letting see me in that state of undress.

I let her direct me, and tell me where to put things, and I told her how to get a good angle and how to shoot me. I think we made a pretty good team!

She helped me get into a bustier that I’ve never worn, made me laugh, blush, giggle and feel so comfortable. We even ended up going outside, to my back yard to take some photos, with just Steve ‘s hockey jersey on, and pose with his hockey stick. They really turned out great. And let me tell you, that ill-fitting bustier that I bought four years ago and never wear, makes my boobs look amazing!

I’m quite happy with how I look in the photos. I feel like I looked sexy and confident, and that’s exactly what I wanted to portray. So what if I’m overweight, or lumpy and bumpy? If I don’t care, then why should anyone else?

I feel empowered and sexy and beautiful, and that’s all I could ask for.

There really are so many more that I just love, but those are for his eyes only.


5 thoughts on “Curves Are Sexy


    You’ve made an incredibly brave move, you’ve done it well, and you’ve let the world in on how it came about. You’ve embraced who you are, and I have no doubt that your husband (who doubtless already knows you’re gorgeously sexy) thinks the photos are fabulous.

    Thanks for putting up such an inspirational post. I’ll be linking to it from


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