Twilight Tuesday

Twi-Whore came over the other day for a sort of, vampire marathon, I guess you could call it. It involved the latest episode of Vampire Diaries, and multiple episodes of True Blood. Since the third season finale, I’ve been needing a fix, so I’ve forced talked her into watching them, but I digress. It was strange going from one type of vampire to another. So I got to comparing the differences.

In comparing, you really can't forget The Count.

So let’s compare, shall we?


  • Sparkley
  • Can walk in the sun without being harmed
  • Venom
  • Hard marbley skin
  • Strongest in the first year
  • Special powers
  • Don’t eat human food
  • Don’t sleep

Vampire Diaries:

  • Burn when in the sun unless wearing a special ring
  • Can sleep
  • Can drink and eat human food
  • Coffee and alcohol keeps them warm
  • Stake to the heart kills them
  • Vervain is harmful to them
  • Can compel people
  • They get stronger as they age

True Blood:

  • Sleep at night
  • Don’t eat or drink human food
  • Explode when killed
  • Stake to the heart
  • Silver burns them
  • They get “the bleeds” if they don’t sleep
  • Sun burns them
  • Can walk in the sun if they drink fairies blood
  • Can glamour people

And of course the one difference with The Count is, he’s the only one of his kind. One vampire puppet, ah ha ha!


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