Twilight Tuesday

I’m so sad. Eclipse is ending at our cheap theater here, and Twi-Whore and I never went to see it there. Shocking I know.

We did however, see it four times in the regular theater though, and just never seemed to find a good time to get to the other one. Now it’s going to be a long wait till December 4th for the dvd release.

I’m not too sad about it though, because we’ll be that much more excited to see it again. Plus, I’m already sick of the first two after seeing them so many times.

And let’s face it, with just over a year to go still, till the first part of Breaking Dawn is released, it’s going to get old real fast. Mind you, there’s still Water for Elephants, and Bel Ami to look forward to, plus our journey to Forks in March.

I guess I best be digging out my books and diving into some fanfics to keep my love alive.


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