And Another Year Rolls On By

It’s my birthday, and, I’m sick. Lovely. I can blame my husband for that at least. So today, I’m staying home and lounging around, doing nothing.

Now that I’m finished whining, I’ll get onto the good part. My cake was fantastic! I had ordered a chocolate cake with an argyle pattern and cute skulls on it. While it was more harlequin than argyle, it was still perfect! Bright, and fun, and cute. Of course it was delicious as well! Crazy Cakes makes the best cake.

We went to Melissa’s for dinner on Sunday, because Steve is working today, unfortunately, and had roast beef with yorkshire pudding (Suzi, I know you’re jealous), and carrot casserole, one of my favourites! It was delicious as always. We had a small gathering, (and by small, I mean just immediate family), with us, Miss, Ty and the kids, and Steve’s parents.

My mom had sent down a gift with a friend of hers the week before for me, which was completely unexpected and wonderful! Thanks so much mommy! Unfortunately I already had a Brie Baker, but what a perfect gift!

Melissa had told me earlier she was going to buy me a new kick pedal for my drum set, since I broke mine a few weeks ago, and have had to rig it up with tape and wood in order for us to play.

The cards from the kids, as always, were my favourite. They always put so much thought into them, and the drawings are so cute! Love it!

My father in law picked out my card, much to my mother in law’s dismay, and they kindly gave me money, which is always appreciated.

And Steve, along with the wonderful cold he gave me and the Twi-Porn and chocolate I woke up to, is buying me the new Guitar Hero game that comes out on the 28th, which I told him to do, and am so excited for!

So now that the celebrating is over with, I’m going to eat left over roast and yorkshire pudding for lunch, whilst watching the season finales of True Blood and Hung, and girly period dramas, like Becoming Jane, and The Young Victoria.

It might just be a good birthday after all.


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