Things I Love Thursday

  • Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock! Fun, fun, fun!
  • Getting a price adjustment when I really shouldn’t have been able to.
  • True Blood marathons with Twi-Whore
  • Dreams of E
  • Homemade fries at Melissa’s
  • Foot rubs from Austin

Twilight Tuesday

Yesterday, Twi-Whore and I, had another True Blood marathon. We started Season 2, and watched the first four episodes.

Oh how I love Eric! I tried to tell Twi-Whore how hot he was while we watched the first season, but she just didn’t seem to get it. Finally when he showed up in the first episode of Season 2, she got it!

I mean really, what's not to love?

 So then she asked me, who I loved more? Him or RPattz? Duh! RPattz! But, I think I seriously like him better than Edward. *shocked face*

He just makes a better vampire. He’s not all brooding, and cautious, and whiney. He’s mean, and snarky, and a huge asshole. There’s just something about him though, that makes me swoon.

Plus he doesn’t look constipated 98% of the time.

More Austinisms

Austin: Shows me an old camera he got at a garage sale. Click. Do you like my new camera?

Me: It’s pretty cool

Him: It doesn’t work though

Me: Yeah, it needs film

Him: What’s film?

Me: It’s what you put in the camera to capture the image

Him: Oh, you mean a memory card?


As I walk into the house,

Austin: Do you dare me to put underwear on my head?

Me: Ok. If you really want to.

Austin puts underwear on his head.

Me: I hope it was clean.

Austin:Well, it just had one fart in it. 

Friday 5

Welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Blooms Taxonomy.

  1. What did you do this week? Got a touch-up on my tattoo, pre-ordered my new game and played a lot of Guitar Hero.
  2. Why did things turn out the way they did this week? They were mostly planned.
  3. How will this week’s events affect next week’s, both positively and negatively? My hand will be sore from playing my new game but it will be super fun!
  4. What were this week’s pivotal moments where things might have happened differently and changed everything? My batteries weren’t dead I guess.
  5. How was your week? Pretty good.

Thanks for participating, and please have a blooming week!