Twilight Tuesday

Recently, my husband and I have acquired new friends, a couple he knows through work. We’ve hung out with them a few times at their house, and have quite enjoyed their company.

This weekend we decided to have them over to our house. They didn’t know about my Twi obsession, though I’m sure they might have a hint now. Steve had sort of outed me before about how I like the movies and books, but I don’t think they really got it.

As I was cleaning my house for this visit and getting things ready, I was thinking, oh they might not notice my Twi stuff sitting around here and there. But then, as I thought about it more, I realised there was more than I thought I had.

Magnets on the fridge, ok, that’s normal right? Books in the closet, they won’t look in there. Calendar in the bedroom, definitely won’t go in there, unless their kid watches tv. Twi-porn downstairs, oops, I can hide those. Mini E and J are hidden safely away in one of my many purses.

Then I remembered we were going to play Guitar Hero. Fun! Oh shit! The characters all have Twi names. (I can’t believe I just admitted that!) I quickly ran downstairs to change the names on the game. Crisis hopefully averted.

Turns out all they ended up seeing was the magnets, which she made fun of, and is fine, I suppose. Although she did go in my bedroom to turn on the tv, but unless she was looking, probably didn’t see the calendar.  Oh and he did ask if I was planning on seeing the Vampires Suck movie. I responded with an “Um, yeah!”

Hopefully they can see past my Twi-session to see that I’m actually normal. Mostly.


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