Twilight Tuesday

A while ago Twi-Whore and I went to see Robin Hood, (in best Comic Book Guy voice – worst movie ever!), and we were wondering how we could relate it to Twilight. I said someone must have been in a movie with someone, who was in a movie with someone from Twilight.

So, lets play Six Degrees of Twilight!

  1. Cate Blanchette – She played Maid Marian and was also in Lord of the Rings with Orlando Bloom.
  2. Orlando Bloom – He was in Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.
  3. Johnny Depp – He was in many Tim Burton films including Sweeney Todd with Jamie Campbell Bower, and Alan Rickman.
  4. Just to cement it a bit more – Both Alan Rickman and Jamie Campbell Bower are in Harry Potter. Alan Rickman with Robert Pattinson, and Jamie Campbell Bower with Alan Rickman.

Now does this work with everyone you ask? How about a random actor? [Twi-Whore’s note: Zac Efron! Just saw him in Charlie St. Cloud.] Zac Efron it is!

  1. Zac Efron – Cutie that he is, was in Summerland with Ryan Kwanten.
  2. Ryan Kwanten – He plays Jason Stackhouse in another vampy show, True Blood with Lizzy Caplan.
  3. Lizzy Caplan – She was in Freaks and Geeks with Jason Segal
  4. Jason Segal – He was in Can’t Hardly Wait with none other than the Daddy Vamp himself, Peter Facinelli.

Easy peasy. I think this shows that everyone (mostly) can be traced back to Twilight in some way. Even I can!

My cousin went to school with Jason Priestly, who was in 90210 with Jennie Garth, who’s married to Peter Facinelli.

There you go. Point proven, and maybe that’s why I have so many good dreams about RPattz and Edward, because I’m so closely linked *wink*. Or maybe it’s just my pervy mind. Probably it’s the latter. Probably.


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